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and when will they succeed?
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Don't worry bro, suar jhund me hi aate hain.....

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O.K editing it...................
hahaha   now thats great
saransh once again you are the best srkian i have ever seen.
haters ko kararra jawab tumse better koi nahi se sakta.
@gone majaa aata h yr aamir-salman fans ki kilsaane me
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Srk does not need any other actor's fans he alone has huge fans...even if fans of whole industry combine still won't be able to bring Srk down

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Yes haidar right aamuru ko sallu ki aur sallu ko aamuru ki jaroorat padati film realese ke time king is king
Yah king is king...........That is why he is king
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Rats cannot succeed in bringing Lion down irrespective of their numbers.Lion Roars.

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Because sallu & aamuru fan ko pata hai akele ladenge to babuji ka thullu milega aur sallu fan aur aamuru fan kuch nhi bhigad sakate hai hum srkian walo ka

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Not only salman-aamir but every srk hater be it sallu-aamir-akki-hr-ranbir-ajay and many other srk hater will combine and will try to bring down srk - YES they will do it


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khud ke akele mai dum nahi.they need help just like their idole needed to enter in bollywod.

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SRK already down hai,hume to ladai tum jaiso ke karan karna padta hai

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Ha ha ha ha srk down hai abe dehati puri duniy bollywood mai  sirf srk ko janati hai tere aamuru ko nhi 26 sal 9 hit sharam karo sharam
iske aamir ko sirf assam me famous hai.
dehati........ LOL
People of assam and generally the northeast are way more civilized,modern and with a better dressing sense than rest of india,mainly north and central india lol,who take dowry,follow casteism,demean women lol.. Literacy rate of northeastern states are also higher hahaha http://m.timesofindia.com/home/education/news/Tripura-beats-Kerala-in-literacy/articleshow/22416019.cms