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Plz listen to the album if u haven't. Its one of the best albums of the year. Vishal Bhardwaj & Gulzar one again produced an extraordinary soundtrack

My rating:

Album - 4.5/5

Aao Na - 4.75/5; Bismil - 4.75/5; Khul kabhi - 3.5/5 (lenghty); Gulon Mein Rang Bhare - 3/5; Ek Aur Bismil - 4.25/5 (.25 for music); Jhelu - 4/5, So Jao - 4.25/5,Do Jahan - 3.5/5 (shraddha kapoor song); Aaj ke Naam - 3/5 (good not my type)

Best Songs: Aao Na, Bismil, Ek Aur Bismil, Jhelu

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I wanted to make a post. You maked. So, let's explore what I think of Haider music album.

Well, it's not just music. It's beyond of it, something I can refer it's a magical music plus Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar are its magician. Each song of this album go through your soul. It dissolves you in your atmosphere like water dissolves salt. It has power that erase my existence for a while, I'm lost into my own conscience, I feel free, very free. And, this is what music is meant to me. Music is synonyms of meditation.
Osho said, ''Music is not something biological; it is not something concerned with your chemistry or physiology. Music is not even of the mind. Music is something…a space between mind and meditation. It is one of the most mysterious phenomena.'' And, this album justifies his words.

I'm not gonna rate each and every songs out of five. I don't want to. I don't know how to do? I just love it as I loved Maqbool, Ishqiya and many other compositions of Bhardwaj. It's divine.

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and Gulzar saab lyrics http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/qa-plugin/q2a-smilies-master/images/emoticon-00137-clapping.gif
Oh God! What a song is So Jao. Fu*king awesome. Loved the vocal and unusual combination of music and sword ost sound. How did I miss it??
Yes specially the starting sound indicates the men digging the grave for bodies to go to sleep forever
Oh, that is sound of digging grave. Initially, I thought. That's sound of sward. Quite similar na. But, lyrics away my confusion.

Chota na bada koi lamba hai na pona hai,
Kabero ke tadbo me lambi nind sona hai...
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album is decent. situation based songs though ..3/5 for me

Aao Na - 3.5/5; Bismil - 3/5; Khul kabhi - 3/5, Gulon Mein Rang Bhare - 2/5; Ek Aur Bismil - 2/5, Jhelu - 2.5/5, So Jao - 2.5/5,Do Jahan - 2.5/5, Aaj ke Naam - 3/5

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U didnt like ek aur bismil and jhelu ? Do jahan is situation song. Respect ur opinion but i think bismil deserves more than 3
bismil is poetically good bro... but i didnt find the music appealing..

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