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I thought having a shout box/chat box will be a good idea. What do you think! I need your valuable feedback!!

Or give suggestions.... Need feedbacks or ideas to improve the site!

Thanks in advance
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Check ur pm...i replied u

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It is a good Idea it will be good if u add chatbox in this site
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Well, thanq for your opinion!
I think you should add polls also we are not able to conduct polls in questions
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Make three new tabs,one for chat box,one where people can post news and updates(it shouldnt get mixed with questions tab),and another tab where people can post articles(not large ones,but small).The articles can be either moderated by the mods and admin in the forum or can be directly posted,that depends upon how you want it.

A different chatbox or a different tab can be made where users can only fight,it should be without boundaries.....(the last one is my personal point of view)
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Well, I'm on it!
added another thing at the bottom..check again
added the poll system!
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Well itz a very good Idea.....it will increase frndship between the users & u can avoid fan wars!!
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