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I dont think so. They know that one cannot just wake up one day and go direct a Sci-fi film. It needs a perfect pre-production, with a complete plan and enough time. So no one will put in such efforts as its too risky! As of now, no one will try this genre unless they have big face value and of course a good script!

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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Zin maine jo prediction di thi wo accept kar li kya ................................aur wo null and void wali line hide kar dena yaar......................

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I think no as this still is not fully succes guaranteed and it should have a hero who should look like superhero which Hr perfectly fits into and this type of movie requires a lot of time to make whereas masala is made in quick time in comparison but still it has opened doors for filmmakers to make but it should not go in excess and it cant as duration takes too much time and you need great screen personna like Hr,salman to flourish in these type of roles...

by Director (130k points)
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Ranbir Kapoor is coming with Roy which is apparantly a trilogy of super hero movie. Problem with Superhero films is that is the riskiest project at bollywood atm. Expertise, cost, time etc are all required for it. Rakesh Roshan was confident because his son was the main lead, plus it was part of an established franchise and he knew there was anticipation for it since Krrish.

by Camera Operator (8.9k points)

ranbir is actually a boxer in roy.....the superhero movie of ranbr is another one which is still in discussion stage


in roy he plays a sleuth nd in bvelvet he is boxer.


are sorry mai bombay velvet ko roy se comfuse kar gaya.... have no idea about roy actually

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