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in Opinion by Executive Producer (69.8k points)
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#1) Poor title of this film,
#2) Poor trailor which failed to create right buzz among audience,
#3) Poor marketing strategy,
#4) Average songs,
#5) Average direction,
Well I don't think, January is really a bad period for films release . At present, when you have superstar like Salman it will easily get blockbuster price no matter where it is releasing

by Producer (112k points)
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There are actually 3 causes.

  1. Failing to create the right buzz pre-release.
  2. Wrong business plan. I mean the blockbuster price for the distributors. Producers made 100cr from the movie whereas few distributors lost.
  3. Poor release strategy for a film that's been sold for blockbuster price.

And before anybody pointing out me bringing "January Jinx" thing...

2014 - as of now 1 Blockbuster that's released on EID.
2013 - The ATBB released on Christmas, 4 Blockbusters released on Post IPL, EID & Diwali respectively.
2012 - 3 Blockbusters - 1 released post IPL, the other two released on EID/Independence Day & Christmas.
2011 - 2 Blockbusters - released post IPL & EID.
2010 - 2 Blockbusters - EID & Diwali
2009 - 1 Christmas ATBB
2008 - 2 Blockbusters - 1 being RNBDJ & GHAJINI on Christmas, both being December releases.
2007 - 1 Blockbuster - Diwali release

I hope you got the point. The last big success released on January was Agneepath which released on Republic Day holiday to make it the biggest opener ever in 2012. The buzz was created almost 6 months before it's release. Jai Ho released on Republic Day weekend where Republic Day fell on a Sunday which acted nothing more than a Sunday. That only on 25cr day, 2 16cr days hurt it pretty bad.

You don't sell the movie for blockbuster prices & expect blockbuster business in a month that hasn't seen a Blockbuster film for a decade. It wasn't the movie, it was the business model which was totally flawed.

by All Time best! (262k points)
edited by
In 2008, 1st blockbuster was RNBDJ n it wasn't a diwali release, it was released on 12 dec.

But the facts remain same.
@Suhas bhai no need to give explanations n prove Salman's starpower as Kick has given a tight slap on all haters so don't waste ur precious time in argueing with these idiotic users...
@irdwelp, just shut ur mouth.....suhas has done a gud job evry time while explaining facts nd keeping his views clearly....u dont hv such knowledge about d business so be in ur limits..i find pleasure in suhas answers...!!! Nd he does very well evrytym, he isnt wasting tym but enlightening us wid his knowledge
+4 votes

bad director sohail khan himself responsible.poor direction.

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
+3 votes

People except craps from Salman but with Jai ho he tried to give Serious but masala movie...if honest ans then trailer and songs didnt attracted now with avg trailer and song even Megastar Superstar PowerStar 7 Star 5 Star Salman cant bring people to theatre..

by Director (133k points)
@KK with due respect bro
why so cald king khan's Don-2 didn't cross Ready
It was a sequel to a big hit + xmass weeknd solo release wht else U neede
don't give lame xcuses...

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