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Dhoom 3” continued to hold ninth spot for the second week, improving its score by 16% to $1.60 million (RMB9.86 million) in the holdover. Indian media had criticized the Chinese distributor for lack of effort and an invisible marketing campaign. After ten days it has scored $2.97 million (RMB18.3 million), making it one of the best performing Indian films in China for several years.
in Opinion by Assistant Director (51.1k points)
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"making it one of the best performing Indian films in China for several years" -- Its only the second Indian film to get such wide release.

Anyways, its fantastic for an Indian film to do this well but considering the screening numbers the collections are just decent. The reason is tough competition from local films.

It should do around 22-24 Mill Yuan.

Dhoom 3 will now act as a doorway for Indian films in the Chinese market. If it wasn't sandwiched b/w local release then 26-28 Mil Yuan would have been possible.
22-24 many million???
Around $3.85 Mil.
Lifetime figure should be around $3.5 Mil since the screening numbers have significantly decreased due to less admissions.

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I reckon that, after all phases, the overseas business will be around $37M or more.

by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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+3 votes

hope d3 go above 4ml.....

by Production Designer (12.8k points)
+3 votes

Now haters will say Dhoom brand lol...Only Aamir rocks in China..

by All Time best! (268k points)
When did i say Aamir is a brand there lol.i said bw me aamir hi waha pehchan me hai.i am not a fan of srk ke bolunga he has 3.6bl fans lol
LOL You said that Dhoom 3 got a release due to Aamir. :p
Of course,that's coz 3i did well.unka waise hi limit hai foreign films ka.ce ka kya hua,kyu nahi aya waha
CFGC handpicks movies man, they selects movies on the basis of WW WOM(BO-Wise). And apne profit ke basis pe karthe he. No distributor can go there and release movies, CFGC only has the sole right to distribute foreign films there. CE clearly didn't fit the bill, neither did ETT or Talaash. LOL. You clearly have no idea how China Box Office works. Its complex...

I can say 100% that if CE releases there then it wont do well unless its promoted really well!
+2 votes

aamir magic even in china....

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
–1 vote

All I Can Say is Wait For 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'...It Will Surpass 'Dhoom 3'.

by Mega Star (200k points)