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Btw, he is warned again for spamming
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entertaining - not at all
irritating - nope , well it's his opinion , suhas chand essays are more irritating for me than his one word answer

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suhas is the only users here who takes forum seriously and neutrally.....  im a hater and a bad user ...but i even i know it .....
" jealous of his knowledge". dude please ... he not a  brilliant mechanical engineering or mbbs student that I will be jealous of his knowledge , its just movies . grow up
Bhai, I, Baadshah and Charlie also take this four seriously.
Which four ????????????????
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he's doing hardwork day n night for only one reason to get a good number points ....... if he continous doing this .... i feel bad for him.... his all hardwork is gonna go to waste if zin deducts his points..... uski mehnat se impress ho k ....k why this guy is trying so hard..... i selected his almost 50,60 answers as best answers ...... ager isko points itne achhay lagtay hain to let me give me a hand with that...... i think what zin should do is give him .... 2000000 extra points so that he'd stop this thing and starting using the forum as we all do.... and as it should be done

answered by Super-star (166k points)
mehnat ? konsi mehnat bhai ? It's just points for god sake , these points will not. decide his  life
he gives upvotes to ever post..... to gain points.... you give one upvote you get one more poinnt to your credit.... he answers everywhere to get points .... if you answer you get points.....  thats what im saying these points will not decide his life.... but according to his mind they will decide his status on this forum
His girlfriend will leave him if he doesn't earn enough points
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Very irritating,i already said many times.

answered by All Time best! (269k points)
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Answer's of BLANKA - Irritating
Answer's of BlackCrow - Entertaining

answered by Mega Star (200k points)
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Blanka is a guy who if not have been a HR hater I would have called his activities as entertaining but no they are like bullshit utter crap!!!

answered by Director (132k points)

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