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Bang bang also will have better week 1 than yjhd.
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big bang should comfortably do more than 100cr first week ... no matter how big a star shahid is ... he isnt in the league of hrithik or akki .... this reminds me of how ppl said dil bole hadippa was gonna beat wanted in 2009 eid ... .and now nobody even remembers dil bole hadippa as a competition ...

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It can't because it has competition . Huge screens doesn't mean huge audience . Many people will prefer Haider over Bang Bang as it is a remake . Specially multiplexe audience will slip Bang Bang I guess . Also from 2nd week onwards, there will be pre diwali effect .

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But still buzz will be big and haider lacks appeal it wont be a challenge for bb and it may not do like yjhd did after week 1 but week 1 will be bigger than yjhd s 107 crs...
But YJHD did 74cr from 2nd week onwards with super strong trending but Bang Bang can't due pre diwali .
That was a nice joke
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BUt YJHD also had almost 3 open weeks

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Teaser was really really decent!
From now on its all depends upon its trailer & music album!
Based on teaser I can really say, It'll easily do ₹65 cr+ through its first days even with clash!

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