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When will the non-holiday opening of 36 cr (all versions) that Dhoom 3 achieved be beaten?

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asked Jul 25, 2014 in Predictions by Raja Assistant Director (49,048 points)
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bang bang...........................
Bang Bang is releasing on Gandhi Jayanti.
then PK(only if promo are liked by audiance) because HNY releasing on diwali day

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I think this record on holiday will get broken in some time but since d3 not only crushed non-holiday records but holiday as well so both are same so holiday nay get broken but bon-holiday release crossing day 1 or opening weekend will take some time imo...

answered Jul 25, 2014 by naya yug Director (130,310 points)
selected Jul 25, 2014 by Raja
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I think PK can break as HNY is releasing on Diwali..........

answered Jul 25, 2014 by king Casting Director (18,318 points)
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HNY may break it as its releasing on normal friday.

answered Jul 25, 2014 by Sanal Star (143,579 points)
I think it will release on Diwali day (Thurs) as the day after is guaranteed to be very big. SRK will know that.
Oh thanks.I didn't know that.
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It's very dificult but looking at kick i'm sure HNY would have broken it with normal holiday release

but HNY break it with diwali day release which i hope it do but is very very dificult then it will be mind boggling achievement isn't it

answered Jul 25, 2014 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,916 points)
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IMO, PK would run on WOM and break 2nd/3rd week records. So, non-holiday record of Dhoom 3 is safe.

answered Jul 25, 2014 by Sehgal Assistant Director (44,847 points)
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answered Jul 25, 2014 by BLANKA Super-star (199,797 points)
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Its a Pre Christmas weekend not a Pre Diwali weekend.Dhoom 3 was not release on any normal friday.

answered Jul 25, 2014 by Baazigar All Time best! (283,143 points)
20th December 2013 was not any different to other working days