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Which upcoming hollywood movie has the potential to cross 100 crores at Indian Box Office?

Now Hollywood movies has fantastic market at indian box office, so what do yoou think- whixh upcoming or scheduled Hollywood release can cross 100 crores.
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Itz very hard for a hollywood film to cross 100cr mark in India..for dat an Indian actor hv 2 be part of the film..hv 2 well promote the film as it is quite hard for an Indian film also 2 cross 100cr mark widout promotions...the script of the film hv 2 be gud dat attract both masses & classes...Film will need a brilliant WOM,like 3 idiots or Chak de India.....den there is a slight chance of dat film 2 cross 100cr here...& as u r asking about Avengers2,if Krrish or G.One get a role in the film (Avengers2),then it will cross 100cr....& unfortunately dats impossible!!
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It's near impossible for any hollywood films to gross over 100 crore at indian boxoffice. Avengers grossed around 41 crore, lifetime. But, most chances of crossing ('most' chances not 'many' chances) the 100 crore mark are of Avengers 2, or The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
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No hollywood can do 100cr in near future in India
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What about Avengers 2?
Not even Avengers 2.
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It can be Avatar 2, which will come in 2015 most probably(release date is not yet finalized).Others don't have much chance to do so, not even Avengers 2.So IMO as far as 100cr(at Indian BO) for hollywood movies is concerned, It'll take a good 2-3 years to reach that mark or even more.But I'm betting on Avatar 2.
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