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How you spend one lakh in just one day if somebody offered that money?

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asked Jul 15, 2014 in General by Kowsigan Second Unit Director (74,678 points)
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sb k answer dekhnay k baad mera answer kuch aisa h

external hard disk(bohat data storage capacity chahye), PS4(lover of PS), n baqi dostoon k saath party blkay sb sy pehlay party deni paray gi gadhoon ko

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Just go to Slum area anywhere.

and Donate....

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Pallav Assistant Director (59,680 points)
selected Jul 20, 2014 by Kowsigan
oh yes thats also a nice idea.
@pallav-yeh bas kehne ki baate hai lol,asli me tujhe 1 lakh mil gaya to pura khudpe kharcha karega
Mein toh bas idea de rha tha...

Asli mein mile toh baat alag hai.
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Giving a party to my 20 friends in Five Star Restaurant in Le Meridian Delhi

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Baazigar All Time best! (283,146 points)
edited Jul 15, 2014 by Baazigar
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I would have wanted to buy x box one and a laptop but it will go out of budget :p so instead of doing thus i will donate it for poor people and save our tiger, lion, elephant, rhino etc etc etc

answered Jul 15, 2014 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (208,058 points)
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I wont lie about donating or something even though it sounds nice,i am a straight forward person,i would just buy myself a new laptop,a ps4,and a new phone.

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Navoarsenal All Time best! (267,400 points)
And banging girls?
Aaj kal forum U rated ho gaya hai with plenty of censorchip.Phir bhi tu bol raha hai to mobile ke jagah prosti.
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1 laptop , 1 external hardisk , 20-25k tak ka android phone aur baaki bache bank account mein .

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Aashish Lachotraa Second Unit Director (79,330 points)
Top Celebrities on Facebook .
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answered Jul 15, 2014 by BLANKA Super-star (199,800 points)

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