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Which movie background music was good Ett or ra1...

+5 votes
I like Ett background music it was realy awesome
asked Jul 15, 2014 in Movie Discussions by Deleted User Id - 0

9 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

you just can't compete with ett background score....its just the best one out there.....

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Grand Nova Star (154,155 points)
selected Jul 15, 2014 by
+4 votes

Yes Ett Background score was much better.

answered Jul 15, 2014 by naya yug Director (130,310 points)
+2 votes

IMO, It's Ra.one for its variation. Comes The Light, I'm On, Song Of The End and of course Jiya Mora Ghabraaye. It's energetic. And, ''I'm On'' is official background music of ABP news too.

ETT was also good. But, lack of variation like many other Bollywood movies' bgm. There is only 'The Tiger Theme'. That is quite good.

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,585 points)
yes i'm on is official background music of abp news
they don't have their's so they took from films....intelligent
+2 votes

Ra.1 background music was batter.......

answered Jul 15, 2014 by king Casting Director (18,318 points)
+1 vote


answered Jul 15, 2014 by BLANKA Super-star (199,797 points)
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+1 vote

Background music of ett was better but raftaarein song from ra 1 was very good

answered Jul 15, 2014 by jass Camera Operator (10,712 points)
+1 vote

Ett background music was much better

answered Jul 15, 2014 by fullmetal Unit Manager (34,201 points)
0 votes

Ra.One IMO.....

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Criminal Director (134,939 points)
0 votes

Here it's almost difficult to choose but if it was between Don 2 with ett or ra.one then I can easily choose Don 2 as no film still not matched it's background music . It was just superb .

answered Jul 15, 2014 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,377 points)

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