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Subhash Chand Jaiswal, a pizza delivery boy in Bandra shares he loves delivering pizzas to Salman Khan's house.

"I love going to Salman Khan's house (in Galaxy building) for delivering his pizza. We get orders from his house at least once or twice a week. While most of the time, his guards or his housemaid pays, once in a while even his sister Arpita pays. While Salman Bhai has never paid me directly, I have seen him many times and he will say, 'Hi' when he sees me. Salman Khan jaisa pizza ka order kissi ka bhi nahi aata. Woh bahut zyada topping lete hain. He orders chicken tikka pizza and on top he takes double chicken toppings with American corn, black olive and capsicum."

When TOI asked Salman Khan & showed the picture of the delivery boy, he immediately recognized him and said,

"Yes, I order either double chicken topping pizza or seafood pizza without squid or octopus. Also I don't like onions and tomatoes as toppings but love American corn and capsicum toppings."


Further Subhash Chand Jaiswal remembers delivering pizza to Jackie Shroff and Jackie dada had paid for the pizza.


Another delivery boy, Rakesh Yadav shares his experience of delivering pizzas to Lara Dutta, Vinod Kambli and Aamir Khan.

"I have delivered pizzas to Lara Dutta and Vinod Kambli's houses and was delighted when they took the delivery and gave me the money. I have been to Aamir khan's house too and I remember I saw him sitting on the ground just like normal people. His wife Kiran Rao took the delivery. I didn't meet him but just seeing him made me smile."


Note: This is a TOI article. I've no rights whatsoever, I've just shared the article along with the link. And moreover, with the thriller PIZZA 3D all set to release, this seemed appropriate too.


And yes, PIZZA 3D is one of the film releasing this week and I would highly recommend the members of this forum to watch it. The Tamil version was simply mind-blowing. It's a very rare cross between horror & thriller.

asked in Opinion by All Time best! (252k points)
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I was waiting for pizza 3d since i saw the trailer.But i would be watching it in 2d.

answered by All Time best! (267k points)
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im having one of those cravings.....rights now....... mjhe bhe extra topping wala pizza chahiye ....... rocco k mun pay hath rakh k shapatt laita hoon aaj se har bar mein extra topping wala pizza khana chahhon ga.....

answered by Star (149k points)
Laanat hai kar di na dushmanun wali baat :'(
Laanat hai kar di na dushmanun wali baat :'(
Khuda kare tere extra toppings wale pizza men italian mirchen lagi hon kaali mirch ka tarka ho saath main sare hue namak ka swaad ay tujhe aur tu jahanum ki aag men  freeze ho ja
rocco meri aik baat yaad rakha cheater ko sab cheaters lagtay hain aur jhoot bolnay walay ko sab jhoot bolnay walay lagtay hain..... ab tu khud mjhe bta....tu dono meinn se kaun sa nahe honay ki sochnay walon meinn se aik ho jaye ga aaj se koi 6 saal k baad anay walay time se pehle pehle??
Ab tera sawaal mere sar ke upar se chala gya par phir bhi koshish karta hun jawaab dene ki kyun ke jo koshish karte hai wo zamaana apni muthi main kar sakte hain aur jo tune options din hain main unmen se nahi hun main koshish karne walun main se houn aur zamaana apni muthi main karne waloun main se houn ❤️
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answered by Mega Star (200k points)
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I allready watched in tamil and kannada , now i will watch hindi also.

answered by Assistant Director (51.9k points)

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