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Many users have been requesting me to add an online user list on the forum and I have added it. It will show in the bottom right side of the page. And yes, its in the testing mode. Please co-operate!



Anyways, there is not much active users in the Forum nowadays, but I hope this will come handy for someone. I'm looking to make a few changes in the forum too. 

Please do give suggestion and above all check whether its working properly or not. LOL

PS: Invisible will be visible from today! :p


in Official by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
100% Accept Rate
I thought about same too. What if we select some users representing each fan groups and thena sk to rate it and post as this forums rating for the film?
Sounds good. We can go ahead with it.
It seems a good idea..!!...
@Zin i don't c it mahn.

13 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

Wow. One of the best feature.

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)
selected by
Bahut pahle puchha tha, recently kisi aur ne puchha tha
BTW iasked about a review score, there should be a review score for every film on the basis of ratings given by users. It should feature on Homepage.
Of Course, I will add that too, But I'm confused where to put it.
On the top of the page, like you did for collections of the movies some times back.
Got it. Will start from this Friday.
+3 votes

Great one yr, This will help in better converstion.

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
+3 votes

by Mega Star (214k points)
+3 votes

Awesome dude.

Ek aur suggestion dun ?

by Assistant Director (59.8k points)
Ho jaye activate toh comment kar dena
Check now!
That's Better !
@Zin Bhai.... You better change it to previous one.. Bahut logo ko pehle wali hi pasand hai.
+3 votes

Great work man. Want top 10 user of the month.

by Production Designer (14.1k points)
+2 votes

Awesome work - Zin! You're taking this forum to another level!

by Assistant Director (44.9k points)
Thanks man. Thanks to you guys for all the contribution!
+2 votes

Very good feature. thanx bro

by Casting Director (18.9k points)
Welcome man.
+2 votes

Good to see that you started to obey my order :-P

Great feature..+1

by Production Accountant (21.7k points)
Bas aap order kijiye janab! :p
+2 votes

rocco pay nazar rakhna folks jab bhe wo online aye....... aik aankh left pay question ki taraf aur dosri aankh right pay online users ki taraf

by Star (154k points)
+1 vote

by Mega Star (200k points)
+1 vote

we need schedule post. Plz make it soon

by Second Unit Director (74.1k points)
By Schedule post what do you mean?
+1 vote


by Production Designer (13.8k points)
0 votes

Lol.... m only online at 6:00 am

by Executive Producer (65k points)

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