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Suggest if there is a need of change in titles, I mean if there is a need to re-arrange!

    in Site related by Production Designer (14.9k points)
    96% Accept Rate

    edited by
    Nice...and yaah i fullu agree

    ready to score more.

    22 Answers

    +12 votes
    Best answer

    So I am a Unit manager and in verge of becoming of assistant director.

    I want to thank God , my parents , my family , my friends , this forum for providing me an opportunity to become a big thing in this competitive world.
    Thank you every body.
    I feel like the king of the world.

    by Assistant Director (59.8k points)
    selected by

    You were about to become an assistant director in Jul 13, 2014. And you're still Assistant Director. lol


    I hardly give any answer, ask any question or upvote.
    I just surf on forum.

    +12 votes

    Titles are very interesting......

    by Casting Director (18.4k points)
    Awhhh! You liked it? Hard-work paid off!
    +11 votes

    Oh . Now I am a assistant director but I want to be a good producer . Yeah I will be sure .

    by Producer (112k points)
    You will need 20K more to be a Producer!

    Less than 3000 to go, for our producer. Mehnat ki kammayi.


    :p ...............

    +11 votes

    The title work is something great and I think guys released this all at right time.
    Big release Kick is nearing and many users are returning to the forum.
    This titling will again bring the interest of user back in forum. So guys lets have a big big cheers as the big movie season is on commencement. Lets enjoy this monson with some big budget movies comming up.

    by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
    I hope so. Title thing is appreciated by all and I'm very happy for it.
    When admin is happy then its surly a good thing.
    +9 votes

    this title system is so like.....cliche'd ...... i mean why not change titles ..... like ... spot boy is KITTY , make up artist is , cat .... costume designer is puma, set cougar.....set desig. would be mountain lion, art director can be snow leopard.... location scout will be leopard..... location manager will be jaguar..... camera operator can be cheeta..... production desiger will be panther.... and tigers and bangal tigers and sumatran tiger and syberian tiger and liger and lion ......... gosh...i need to get a life dont i ?

    by Super-star (160k points)
    Dude this a film forum, not a Zoo forum...
    yeah mahn im sorry....i shouldnt have wrote that all....... but then again..... giving titles on a film forum like the way we are giving is so mainstream..... why not try something out of the box......  im sorry im just throwing it out biggie.... i understand its a dumb idea..... mahn.....
    +8 votes


    Spot boy lol

    and what about

    by Mega Star (218k points)
    +8 votes

    Thanks, i was searching it on whole site but didn't got it earlier.

    by Production Designer (14.7k points)
    +7 votes

    Intresting titles... It looks like we are working on a movie

    by Production Designer (13.8k points)
    +7 votes

    Titles are looking interestig.

    by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
    +6 votes

    So I am location manager...
    BTW What is the limit of upvotes, downvotes ??

    by Production Accountant (21.7k points)
    So for instance, when you get 33 up votes for one question, you will receive 99 points..
    If you get one more up vote on that same questions that means 34 Up votes total, still you will only get 99 Points coz 100 points is the maximum you can earn from upvotes on your question.

    Same for other///
    +6 votes

    The Critic se direct Unit Manager , Not bad !!!!

    by Second Unit Director (79k points)
    +6 votes

    Very Good.

    by Mega Star (200k points)
    You will be the first Mega star of the forum....
    I can not ask any question.... What can i do now???
    +6 votes

    I want to become Megastar like legendary Shahrukh Khan.

    by Executive Producer (65k points)
    +6 votes

    500 more and I will be cam operator....i would be happy if I bcum dat in real life

    by Camera Operator (10.6k points)
    +3 votes

    I am an set decorator becoming an set designer.

    +3 votes

    Can any1 tell me what is "limit from up votes on a question =+100 pts

    by Location Manager (6.4k points)
    So for instance, when you get 33 up votes for one question, you will receive 99 points..
    If you get one more up vote on that same questions that means 34 Up votes total, still you will only get 99 Points coz 100 points is the maximum you can earn from upvotes on your question.

    Same for other.
    +3 votes

    When can I start posting questions ?


    same thought here.

    +3 votes

    WOW, my journey begin from now. hope i enjoy here.meeting to new people with new thought always pleasure for me.and yes i always keep in mind my point as by gain each point i close near to post of dream. my passion, my luv.and thanks to boxoffice forum to provide such a super stage to compete with different thought.thanks a lot. luv. nice to meet you.

    by Camera Operator (11.3k points)

    You can post questions after you score 500 points.. Collect points by giving up votes and answering posts...
    Hope you have a good journey in our forum.

    +3 votes

    wow amazing system now iam in spot boy my target is to became = director hope it happen ( my first comment to this forum )

    by Location Scout (3.1k points)
    +2 votes

    Brilliant thinking ... only suggestion which in the bigger scheme might not even make a difference is to put Producer on top of 2nd unit director and Art director over location scout or even higher.

    by Costume designer (1.2k points)

    Just noticed a glaring omissions worth adding .... "Cinematographer" & "Editor"


    @yogi visit older question of forum and upvote/answer there. When you get 500 points you will be able to ask question. Go for it.


    thanks @jatiner .... just did that and am up to 100+ now ...i guess will be another few days before could start posting ...though why this restriction


    Added them & re-arranged

    Many times accounts have been made here(sometime also by existing users & previously banned users) just to bash some actor or user as well as for spamming purpose by making separate posts. In order to prevent such things, the step has been taken to restrict the questioning rights of users below a certain points, while they're being observed ;)

    +2 votes

    Now I am Location Manager ..Thank u Team

    by Location Manager (7.6k points)
    +2 votes

    Spot boy lol

    by Casting Director (19.1k points)

    Jald hi mega star ban na bhai.

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