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The only two things which I extracted from there:

  • Their sources say, The Grandeur of Happy New Year is beyond anything has ever seen!

  • And HNY is leading in their poll for the highest grosser of the year!

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And your predictions are for Pk?
first you tell yours as i have not analysed pk as i had done for hny
I meant to ask that was those predictions of yours for Pk?
okay.. You didn't got it..
btw meri predictions HNY ki sacchi wali hai, majak nahi
so all this time you were thinking that i was joking

well i once thoughy this for one hour and then 2-3 hours more and i got to a conclusion that even though very less but still there is a possibpity of my predictions of hny to come true and i am hoping and praying them to ne true and even in hny prediction question i will write these

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