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These are the rules and it should be followed by all, if not then you are free to leave the forum. And if you decide to leave, then there is no need to make a post about it too. Anyways, Rules:

Most important rules

  • Treat other members with the respect.  This should go without saying, treat others like you would like to be treated !
  • The forum language is English only! Feel free to use other languages as comments! Dont use regional languages in answer or question, but is, allowed as phrases in answers, and regional languages can be used in comments. So No Hindi words in Titles.
  • In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, no personal attacks or insults should be tolerated. While discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults. There is a difference between a passionate, respectful discussion and one that delves into personal matters. When the line is crossed, the discussion may be closed by the moderation team ASAP. Violators will be warned and potentially banned. Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against forum staff will be not tolerated. This may result in direct ban!
  • Please be considerate in language you use on the forum, some of our members are younger than others. Repeat violators will be banned.


  • No illegal activity, such as placing any sort of link to illegal downloads, this will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to local authority.
  • Please do not post inappropriate material, I think everyone understands what I mean by this. The policy goes that if you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of parents, don't post it !
  • Please don't copy paste articles from other sites, as we are strictly against plagiarism! Feel free to give links of the sites, but make sure those link are of a reliable site!
  • Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary. And always try to ask a question starting with a capital. It should be written in proper format. With Caps, commas etc.
  • Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.

Multiple Accounts Per Individual Are Not Permitted

  • If you forget your password, use the password recovery tool, in which case you will be able to reset your password, given that you have access to the e-mail associated with your account. If you are still unable to login, contact the administrator.

Moderators Have the Final Word! Always!

If you have a problem or a complaint, direct it to the administrators and/or moderators, not by creating a poll or question(Mods should hide such questions immediately)! The appropriate actions will be taken. We reserve the right to ban flagrant offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning.

asked in Announcements by Assistant Director (47.8k points)
100% Accept Rate

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good am already follow these all.

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Great...... 1
I always like notice/rules posts in this forum and follow them too but the problem is that after 10-15 days forum will become same i.e fan fights etc then you'll make another such post..
So Let's wait for another such post..
P.S -I wish you won't make such post again but you have to bcoz i said so B-)

answered by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
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Kabir nayak aka Gobar nayak.....same 4 u...
Same 2 u :-D
+4 votes

Great post

will try to follow all of them
hope all others also follow these

answered by Mega Star (202k points)
You just ripped off.lol
There is no 'capital letters', 'full stop' in your answer whereas it needed.
yaar question ka bola hai and question sahi se likhna zaruri hota hai

 and answer ka sirf english ka bola hai plus itna to theek hai as zin once said language is just a method to potray your emotions and convay your message and plus meri english itni bhi aachi nahi hai
Are I was joking man. Sahi bolu to mujhe bhi English nhi aati. And, I'm certainly agree with Zin.
+2 votes

good am already follow!

answered by Casting Director (18.9k points)
+1 vote

Yeah I try to follow this rule,and the forum.

answered by
edited by anonymous
+1 vote

Rules always remind me to keep my tone in limit.thanks for sharing.am always on the mentioned rule.and yes iot is easy to follow.

answered by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
+1 vote

Good...will b following all rules

answered by Set Designer (2.2k points)

Hope you will Follow..Because users take us for granted as we are not very strict..!!

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