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4/5 movie was bakwaas....bt akki ki acting was hilarious....it was on another level with his mind blowing expressions.....if scrpt would have been bttr den movie might hav bcome a big hit

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Start of 13 flops in a row for the so called Meet Mr Super hit machine blaw blaw?#%@*

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suicidal / 5 ................!!

answered by Super-star (166k points)
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Very bad film........................

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Can't bear...

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Movie was utter crap , Akki golden run at box office was hampered by this movie , 3/5 for Akshay & 1/5 for movie .

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One of the the worse of his carrer I say. It was last 30 min in 2nd half that we saw some frames of real Akki. Otherwise, he never looked comfortable in movie, 1st because of so bad get up and then because of all the chinese seemings actors roaming around him. I hope in future Akki will not sign any role like that.

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