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Guys post your reviews for Krrish 3 movie below, dont make separate questions for your reviews! With this, everyone will be able to read it!
For the best review : We will give 300 Bonus points!Anand#1199 review is the best this time! Congo! Read it here
For the second best : 200 Bonus points!
The best review will be featured in our main site!
The best review will be chosen on the basis of quality! Not on the basis of plus votes or downvotes! And the review must not be plagiarized!
Please dont post links of reviews! If you have watched the movie then write your opinion..Have a great Filmy weekend.

Suhas and Anand#1199 has won as I have selected it as first best and the second best  review respectively!! I have awarded 300 points to Anand earlier and now i have added 500 points to Suhas for his review! Its two times in a row for Suhas congo!

Read Suhas's Review

Read Aand's review here


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bhai first zin select karta hai,me 2nd.....@baadshah-mujhe darkhwast ka matlab pata hai


Arre, jo bhi karre, par 1 hafte baad. 3 days, ya 4 days mein nahin.


Zin review apne site pe bhi to dalta hai....ek hafta to shayad bahut late ho jaega....dekhta hu kya karta hai.....


@Filman: yaar i guess Urdu ka he h........Hindi mein shayad ''Binti'' use hota h

@Navo: ok sir

13 Answers

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Krrish 3 - It doesn't hurt to have a wee-bit of innovation added.

The story is very simple, there's a bad guy who wants to do way too many bad things just because he's a super intelligent evil scientist in a superhero flick & asusual the superhero's job is to stop him at any cost.

First half - The movie's screenplay is more like straight onto your face. The writers make it a point to deliberately feed the audience what they're trying to show in the film, no matter how simple it is. Here, papa Rohit stays himself but also fills in the shoes of Rekha's role to fill that void of "Sentiment". It starts with the introduction of the villain where he clearly explains his intentions. Then it shifts towards the current day scenario of our superhero & his marital life. Ofcourse it's followed with our superhero's actual life that is fighting crime & saving people. The pace is extremely slow since there's nothing much to tell in the screenplay here. Pre-interval portions succeeds in creating some interest among the audience.

Second half - Post interval the movie dips further in it's pace but few interesting twists & episodes are added here. It was nice to see the inspirations taken from many Hollywood films didn't affect the film from being desi at heart. Here, the performances gets more effective adding fuel to the slow pace. The events that leads to the climax & the entire climax itself is almost effective but the vfx lacks that punch to call it one of a kind or even a landmark. The climax tends to be dragged unnecessarily which hinders it's impact very badly.

Performances - Hrithik Roshan is asusual top-notch. He steals the show as Rohit Mehra. He rocks as Krrish. He's very good as Krishna too but that's more focused on the emotional scenes which if it had more variations then it would've been more impactful to the screenplay. Priyanka Chopra is good but her character didn't demand much. Vivek Oberoi was very inconsistent & the blame should go to the writers who didn't shape up his character well. The better way to put is to say Vivek was under-utilized knowing his acting calibre. Rajpal Yadav was wasted. The Maanvars were again under-utilized, you wish there was more to them than what was shown.

This one actress deserve a special mention. Kangna Ranaut, she was just superb in every scene she featured in. It was a top notch performance to match the level created by Hrithik's performance. Her role has more variations & she blended in perfectly in all of them.

Direction - Rakesh Roshan is old school. He was totally influenced by the 80's films, the bad thing was that him being inspired both Western films & Indian films of the 80's. His direction is same as that in Krrish but atleast it was somewhat effective compared to Krrish 3 despite being an average film.

VFX - It was good & bad. The good because few episodes were indeed very well crafted but most of the time it just didn't give the feeling of anything close to be called a landmark. Atleast they should've concentrated more on the glass crystals while breaking all those glasses of several buildings. Too bad that we've seen too much of Hollywood's superheroes flicks that these small things seems unacceptable.

Music - Good that it had only 3 songs in the film & the title track being played in the background during end credits. None of the songs are memorable. Raghupati Rajav, though easily forgettable has Hrithik & his dance moves as the sole saviour of it. God, Allah aur Bhagwan was used just to add a song straight after the interval. Since, the song follows an interesting fight sequence, there's not much to complain. The duet featuring Hrithik & Kangna was simply outstanding, can't say the same about the song. Rajesh Roshan is not in his form.

Special mention of audience response -
Negatives :
> The family which was sitting next to me, they called up their friends right after the show & told them to cancel the tickets. The person who seemed 40+ didn't stop bashing the film on the phone but I moved on.
> The kids in the back row were forcing their parents to leave right in between the climax.
Positives :
> The crowd did cheer when Krrish arrives on the screen. Not everytime but in the key scenes the impact was there.
> The crowd cheered when the kid asks Kaal " Kyun Kaal? Phat gayee".

I'm sharing this just to show that film didn't go down well with the adults & even the kids seemed to get bored too. And as far as my rating goes, I believe I belong to the people aged between 20-30 & my adult self was disappointed by this film & the kid inside me wasn't excited by Krrish 3. They needed "dimagwala filter" to save Krrish in the film, wish they had used it to save the film's screenplay too.

My rating for the film would be 2/5.

There goes another superhero film from India which ends up being just another "attempt".

by All Time best! (263k points)
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Great review! I have selected it as best alongside Anand's review!


Great review,but i loved the film.But i agree with the audience one,an uncle beside me(left) who came with son was dozing i think,and another one on my right was checking the score on his mobile phone......Dont know why people arent liking it...


@Zin.. Thank you again And I liked Anand's review too.

@Navoarsenal.. It's because the scenes apart from the conflict ones weren't that entertaining. I'm not saying they were bad, I'm just saying they'll leave you wanting for more or something even better than wot you're watching. In short, those scenes didn't raise the level of excitement as expected.

@charlierunkle... It was housefull. All the shows were sold out today & the screen I watched in is the biggest one.


Chha gye yar..back to means hatrick chance vd D3!!! Congratss

+9 votes

My review for much awaited flick Krrish 3

STORYLINE: It starts normally and goes boring till next half.....but has potensial to force audience to stick with their chair.....It has good storyline compared to the gener of movie but it makes bad impact on audience as they expect something big also its right to say that the story revolves around the lab only.. ....The climax of the film is awesome

VFX : Indian technicians made it awesome especially in the climax.....There is very less action scenes which makes movie boaring. ...

ACTING : HRthik again gives best performance as Rohit and stay normal as Krisna .....also cool with superhero avatar. ...PC is good in some of the scenes ......And I guarantee u that u will love Vivek as he acted with perfection....kangna is very hot and acts good in movie

MUSIC : Music is the main drawback of the film apart from confusing storyline its really badb and background score is good

Screenplay: Here we expected great screenplay but again it dissapoints us but it has awesome climax which may save the film

RATING :Rating it is the most hard thing coz people may easily say avg but after looking its climax it becomes good but still I will give 2.5/5 stars to it as it really dissapointes us

BOX OFFICE :200 cr figure is barrier for Krrish 3 as it will miss mass audience so 180 to 190 cr atmost

edited by anonymous

very honest review...!!


thanks bro............

+9 votes

My review of Krrish 3

Direction : Rakesh Roshan has once again proved why he is one of the finest directors in the country.The superhero vs supervillian fight has been shown very well.Some scenes are truly of international standard and deserve applauds.

Storyline and Screenplay : The storyline is good but not better than Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.Some scenes appear to be copy paste From other Superhero flicks like X-men and MOS.Some scenes are predictable.Despite all these, the storyline is engaging and impressess you as an audience.Some twists are unexpected and incite interest.1st half is ok and a slight boring.The film really picks up post interval and last 40- 45 minutes is great.The last fight scene between krrish and kaal is outsatnding.Screenplay is ok and could have been way better.Overall storyline and screenplay is better than Raone and you will not get bored as it is good.and engaging.

Editing: It could have been way better and some scenes were unnecessary.

VFX and special effects -- vfx and special effects were average and could have been batter but they are excellent considering Indian standards.
Songs -- Songs are the main drawback and play a spoilsport.

Acting : Hrithik is excellent in all the 3 roles. Especiallly as Rohit Mehra he is exceptional and the roles makes you emotional in some scenes.As krrish the saviour he is applaudable in fight scenes.

              **Vivek** -- Vivek 's character seems to inspired by Magneto of Xmen and comes truly alive in the last 30 minutes.Vivek has done a quite good job and dialouge delivery is good but he does not give the sense of a supervillian.

Priyanka She is good overall and very good in emotional scenes.
Kangana: She is the surprise package of the movie and done an excellent job in the chameleon role as well as in emotional scenes.
Other casts, Antman , Frogman , Rhinoman , Cheetahwoman etc were average.
Overall , I would say it is a treat for Krrish fans and average for rest.

Performance ratings
Hrithik -- Rohit (4.5/5) , Krishna (3/5) , Krrish (3.5/5)
Kangana -- 4/5
Vivek -- 3/5
Priyanka -- 2.5/5

Rating -- 3.75/5 (+0.5 because Hrithik is my fav actor)

Box Office Verdict -- 180-190 cr as WOM is mixed and it lacks repeat value.

by Star (151k points)

Thanx...kashyap bro...!!


Anand - I liked your review.


Thanx..Dipanshu bro..!!


zin thanks. very much.indeed...!!

+8 votes

Ok So I have got a chance to see Krrish 3, I have seen it in Grand Cinema, Abu Dhabi Mall, paid 35 DHS. Here is my review :

Krrish 3 : Hopelessly Amateurish

Storyline is very simple, Good vs Evil. Superhero kills everybody, saves everybody thats it. Movie starts exactly from where prequel ended. And at the other end our super villain With all due to respect Mr. Kaal, is on his lab creating virus and spreading randomly anywhere. Now the question arises is WHY? and booohahah We dont have any answer to that, ok fine villains do that, i mean they dont need any reason. But at one sequence, our super villain thinking of spreading virus and he had two choices in mind China vs INdIA, then our super minded villain decided to spread virus in india (Fortunately this time we have answer to your WHY?), why because China has less gods then india (Seriously?????), Now after super villain Mr. Kaal finds out that India has more gods then China (I mean he thinks China has no gods orrrr I dont know whatever), so he spreader his virus in India (Because india has more GODS), ok ya hope you got it.

Then to cure those virus, Superhero Krrish the 3rd donates his blood for vaccination or cure whatever....So these kind of storyline we have.

Acting :
Hritik Roshan : looks seriously like he is "Kuposhan ka sikar"
Mr. Kaal aka vivek : Sits on a wheelchair, only stand up at the end of the movie.
Priyanka : Why is she even in the movie.
Kangana : Creation of Mr. Kaal along with other creatures (They are human also) antman, frogman etc...
Special Effects : Its not worth even talking about

There are songs, pregnancy etc also shown in the movie. Which actually are hurdles in the story line (Wait I said story line???) ok leave it

As if the pathetic, confused story-line and amateurish acting were not trials enough, we had to endure the torture of sub-par dialogs and noise fobbed off as music.
KRRISH 3 - 0.5/5....

by 1 flag

Abu Dhabi mall, you are from Dubai?

buhahahahaha....i read reviews today of this page.....n this is seriously one of the most hilarious review ever...''Now the question arises is WHY? and booohahah We dont have any answer to that, ok fine ''

...qasam sy ankhon mein pani agya hans hans k............who is this guy??anonymous is appearing instead of name.....anybody knows his name???
this guy is "THE ROCK".........bahut hi kamaal ka sense of humour tha uska
oh....THE Rock....i was missing him few days back....there was another guy named gurvinder, he also had same style of giving views n was damn funny....he was hater of Aamir....n The Rock too........want both guys back
+7 votes

Watched Krrish 3,and just absolutely loved it.Some people are complaining it has lack of entertainment,dnt knw what sort of entertainment they were talking about,coz it was pretty entertaining for me.
The story is good,very interesting.The screenplay is great though uneven in a few scenes right after interval,but gets back on track.The drama of the movie taken forward from the last two and emotional aspect will connect with the audience.The action scenes are superb and climax is simply stunning.Rakesh Roshan as director proves why he is the right man to handle this film.The action director also deserves credit for choreographing those mindblowing action sequences.Editing was good,specially the action scenes.Cinematography was outstanding.VFX was absolutely world class and red chillies crew,who were responsible for vfx,deserve a round of applause for such vfx at such a budget.Music is average,Dil tu hi bata wasnt even needed in the movie.Performance by Hrithik,the Greek God was simply an A+.Vivek Oberoi as kaal is arguably the best villain in the past few years.Kangana had a much more meatier role than Priyanka and did great.Priyanka was good.Overall,i'll give it a 4.5/5(an extra
.5 for the effort).Krrish 3 is a must watch to see what Indian filmmakers are capable of at barely 5% of big budget hollywood films budget.

by All Time best! (268k points)
edited by

iske review pe toh matt hi jao!!! 3star to SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE n 3.5stars to SATYAGRAH!!! Tension matt leh.........itni taravdaari krne ka matlb yeh nahi hai hum DHOOM-3 ke time bahot soft honge........yeh galat fehmi hai teri!!!


Haan wese Satyagraha ki to badi burri rating diti thi, lol, SDR meine dekhi nahin.


@tegil-d3 ka satyagraha vagerah se kya matlab hai....mai to hamesha ajay devgn ko chota star bolta hu,and waise bhi ajay fans hai nahi,to unke liye mai kyu jhuth bolu.....and i said satyagraha ko bina logic ke dekho,logic dhundoge to galtiya milegi.....and i always like movies jaha corruption vagerah hota hai......i liked sdr,bhai 1100 screens me hit ho gayi,theek nahi hota to khaak itna karti.....


SUHAS review is perfect one!! Meine toh kudh 1star extra HR ki acting ke chakkr meh diya hai!! It was dissappointing for me!! SDR toh RAJASTHAN circuit ne hit krwai hai aur critics ke galat bdaah chdaa kr dikae gaye reviews which made WOM very good ke chakkr meh hit hogai! Another such e.g. is EK MEIN AUR EK TU!!! I cant believe ki kisi bhi critic ne usse 3star se neeche diye!!! Itni bkwas wahiyaad movie! Shukkr hai choti movie thi but result is it was semi-hit woh bhi budget zyada tha nahi toh uske collection aur SDR se thde uprr the due to established star like kareena kapoor!!

+6 votes

My review of krissh 3:-

Story:-Its very common story.story is totally inspired from movies from 80'.where villan kidnap family member of hero.only difference is there is superhero and supervillian.

Screenplay:-its biggest drawback of movie.only climax of movie or last 30minutes is saving grace of the movie.this 30mnt will be only reason for movie success.

Vfx are of very good consdering that movie is made at 120cr.Especially in climax scene vfx and action is fully balanced.this movie should hv made in 3d.

Performance:-hrithik is good in role of father,pc is avg,vivek overacted and copied shakal from shaan.kangana prfrmance is best in movie.

Rating 3/5.2 star is only for climax which will make people to like the movie.

Business:-kids will love it so collection till monday will be huge but will have drop on tuesday.masses will like the it will collect around 170-180cr

by Director (133k points)
+6 votes

After a long wait of about 7 years, today finally Krissh 3 landed in cinemas with humorous amount of expectations. But, these expectations are not ordinary like we usually have with every big release because movie itself is not ordinary and it is now proved in cinemas. Yes, Krissh 3 is not like a usual typical bollywood movies. It's different, infact too different. And how? here it is:
Rohit is now a scientist and reserching on how the potential of solar energy can be escalated. Krishna is busy with his duty (ofcourse of superhero) and Priya is reporter of Aaj Tak. But, in far land, the villan KAAL who is paralized from neck to toes with one-one fingure working on both hands and researching from years to cure his paralized body. He had also made a virus which he spread in different-different countries and earns money (how? This movie will answer you). Now, he spread virus in India but Krissh and Rohit turnish his plans. From, there the battle tooks a kickstart. A battle, embedded with action, emotions, twists and turns.
Direction wise, its hats off to Rakesh Sr, who made some real complicated subject looks easy for the Indian auidience. Movie doesn't looks lacking anything anywhere except music and comidy but, I don't think that these elements are must in Sci-Fic. He is clearly having total control on every character in movie, whether its superhero, supervillan, mutants or shabby Rohit. This man saw a dream and made it true. Hat of for Rakesh Roshan.
Acting of every character was perfect. Hrithik is good as Krishna, excellent as Rohit and exceeds expectation as Krissh. His charm is visible in every scene. Vivek Oberio creats havoc whenever he comes on screen and his dialouges are too great. Watch out for his way of speaking, "tumhari 9 mahine ki takleef ko main 3 mahine mein khatam kar dunga. Kaya, oh sorry! In actual Kangana is 'Kohinoor' of Krissh 3. She is stunning and eye catching. Priyanka is valuable and praise worthy. All other humans and mutants supports well.
Now about vfx, I'll say are at par with of Iron man 3, now just imagine how much good they would have been with 500-600cr budget. Vfx are in more than 50'/. of movie and are of top notch means comparable to many hollywood biggies. A big round of applouse from my side to Red Chillies.
A special mention for emotion in the movie. I literally had my eyes heavy when I saw Rohit trying to made his dead son alive and at last sacrificing himself for his son and all the humans. I had not seen such emotions in any superhero movie, Never......
Lastly, I'll say just go in theatre to feel proud as Indian and to experience the starting of new era in Indian Cinema. Rating 4.5/5.

by Production Accountant (23.5k points)

Nice review!


Great review...!!!..The best till now


Thanks guys, but one thing I have to say for those people who are rating it below 2 that, I don't know what really does they wants. As they bash masala movies and now they are bashing a well made sci-fic movies. If they went to see movies having batman or Avengers in mind than I'll say they should leave for hell only. Instead of appriciating this inovative movie they are just spreading negetivity for their selfish desire. Shame for that yr.

+5 votes

So finally Krrish3 is my review
Plot is very simple, we all know about krishna, Rohit and Priya.......there are new characters in the film Kaal, Kaaya and other mutants. Kaal is a scientist[laughable] who wants to know who is he and from where he got these super natural powers, his body doesn't works[except his two fingers by which he controls and does all the activities]. Kaal wants to rule the word and want to become most powerfull man in the world[offcourse every villain of superhero movie wants to do so]. Krrish3 starts from the point where Krrish ends. Rohit Mehra is doing experiment with light and want to make dead things alive through power of light[it will be bouncer for people of masses]. Now all the activities which happens throughout the film are way to predictable[as some one will be in problem and suddenly our superhero will receive a natural call and he will come there to save the peoples]. Most of the scenes in the movie are copied from hollywood superhero movies. So will Kaal be able to know about himself, will he able to rule the world is the rest of story. There are some loopholes in the movie too[i would not like tell becoz it may spoil plot].
Vfx: Looking at the budget Vfx are good but if we compare them, to hollywood then they are nothing but still some scenes are of hollywood standards.
There is very narrow space for act in the movie[ you know everything is done with the help of Vfx so its all the kamaal of Vfx techniques] but still it is hindi movie so emotional family drama will be there.
Hrithik: He is really superfit for the role and gives very good performance as Krrish
Priyanks: She was good as Priya though she has not much screen space but still she impresses in emotional scenes.
Vivek: Daddy of Baddie[Really?????] he was strictly average as Kaal fails to show kaminapan. He is just brainless scientist i can guarantee even Titla of Rowdy Rathore and Chhedi Singh have better mind than him.
Kangna: She was just outstanding as Kaaya really loved his role[she is playing the key role of movie].
Music: Music affects the flow of the movie, all songs looks to be so boring in the movie.Weekest part of the movie were songs.
Krrish is a not bad movie but it lacks entertainment due to which it will not have repeat value.
Rating: 2.5/5

by Executive Producer (66.1k points)
edited by

hahaha nice. ........!!!


Nice review...............


thanks guys/....................

+5 votes

Why Why Vivek Oberoi??? Had Rakesh Roshan went for a better actor in the role of Kaal and it would have been better . Though the damage has been already done by the shabby Screenplay! Neverthless Krrish 3 can be a one time watch . Though not for people going hard on logic and detail description!

Story is pretty simple as other superhero film. Kaal wants to destroy the world because of his unique powers and his special devils. Among them actually only Kaya and ice cream lover Frogman who actually has scope in the character. Hrithik Roshan despite hamming in the Krrish avatar does justice to the role specially as Rohit, though the charm seen in Koi Mil Gaya is lost here! Priyanka chopra ?? Well she didn't had much to do. Kangana Ranaut to be honest impresses. She was very impressive in all ways. But what dissapoint us is Vivek Oberoi. I mean this was a character which could have been remembered for many years if opted for some one else. But he couldn't apply feel to the character whether in Wheelchair or in Iron plated Rugby Kit!
The songs are not worth enough we know from the beginning but that doesn't harm the movie much as the background score do bring life in the movie. Despite all this we have some Stunning visuals, awesome Vfx , great cameworks and everything related to visual! And special mention Rakesh Roshan , really because of him this movie can be watched despite of flaws and flaws.
Overall it is just an one time watch for cinemalovers but fact remains is it is onetime watchable very well.

Rating - 2.4/5


i read Aditya's rating as

''0/5...Not More den that'' n laughed too much

........yaar is bndy(AdityaSetia) ka andaza h k kaun h jo Hrithik sy itna jalta h??


Dnt know about him but its not zero. There are many positive sides in the film!


han mjhe pta h.......waise bhi usne collections ka likha tha k ''not more than that'' par maine ghalat parh liya........waise bhi koi bohat bra hater h yeh

+5 votes

Just now saw Krrish 3 i had lof of expectations from the & it has been fulfilled Krrish 3 is great Movie i recomend everyone to watch it
Perfomance Hrithik was fantastic in the Movie as Krishna Krrish & Rohit he is best looking superhero he proves it again
Vivek Oberoi-it is Vivek' s one of the best performance in his career I think he will sweep all best Actor in negative role awards this year
Kangana & Priyanka were decent
Direction Rakesh Roshan was great in direction like always he has done a fantastic job some may feel 2nd half is little slow but i didnt
Krrish 3 has everything entertainment comedy Actions n Emotions it has everything to cross 200cr
I will rate it 4/5

by Production Accountant (27.8k points)
+4 votes

Just watched KRRISH-3!! I am a bit disappointed from the movie!The problem with movie is there's abit of Iron-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men and sometimes a bit of all the Avengers put together which is a turn off part specially multiplex audience!Rakesh Roshan's direction could have been better if he had concentrated on script rather than copying hollywood rips!!Music i guess i have to not speak about as everyone knows about its the biggest negative point of the movie!VFX & Action is just good according to bollywood movie perspective thats all i have to say!Performance wise HRITHIK ROSHAN is outstanding!He's the strength of the side he's potraying his super-power skills(KRRISH) and from other side a top-notch acting(ROHIT)!Kangna and Priyanka were average!Both didnt had very long screen-space so couldnt display their talent!Now i come on DADDY's OF BADIES-Vivek Oberoi urrff KAAL who has been flaunting himself from past 2 months like he has out thrashed other negative shades character in bollywood!Let me tell you,vivek's performance in COMPANY,SHOOTOUT AT LOKANDWALA and SAATHIYA are still best!In movie he's strictly below average with not so convincing dialogue and looks! Overall,its an average passtime movie! I wish they worked on script as its very weak! My rating goes 2.5/5( +1 stars for HR's acting in it)

by Production Accountant (22.6k points)
+4 votes

There is just one word to describe the movie and its "Fantabulous".Hrithik as Krishna and Rohit,Priyanka,Vivek,Kangana all have done a great job.VFX is very good.This quality in a budget of 100 crs is mindblowing.Movie has good story and superb action.Vivek has done full justice to his role and so has Kangna.But i thought there was no need of songs as they were poor.Climax was just superb.Overall my rating 4/5.

by Star (149k points)
+4 votes

Krrish 3 - A good story destroyed by bad VFX and dragged screenplay.

The story involves Kaal who makes a virus, spreads it in any country, then with his company makes the antidote using his blood and getting a lot of money. Only his mind, which is very powerful and with that mind, his two fingers work and that's how he does things. He wants to know who he is and how he became what he is.
On the other hand, Kishan is in India moving from job to job as also has to do some Krrish work. His father is building a device which can make dead come alive again and his wife is pregnant.

Review of the plot:
Very good story, quite interesting really, also how Kaal was formed and who he is, how he has a brain which he does, all this was also superb.

Review of the screenplay
Bad, bad, bad! Took a lot of time just to talk about Krishna. Unnecessary songs, boring comedy, bad VFX. That ice-cream scene looked over at first, but then the fight made it look good, but bad VFX again came in between. The end when their son is born, that one looked stupid.

I, personally, found Krrish better than this, and there are much admiration for the climax for many, but I found Krrish's climax much better. (Koi Mil Gaya was too good) Fight should have been more fierce, which it only looked like but wasn't really, though I liked the concept of first being defeated and then having more power.

I would have found it better if Kaal was shown to have multiples of Rohit's brain, would have been better, also that device that Rohit had created went overboard, should have been more of giving energy, not life.

Hrithik did a splendid performance in the film, Priyanka was good in her role, Kangna look and everything was average to bad, Viveik was very good, Rajpal was good, but no need of him.

I would rate the film 1.5 out of 5.

by Unit Manager (35.7k points)

Vfx achcha tha considering only 26cr is spent on it.


Haan kuch scenes mein achcha tha, end mein bhi achcha tha, oar kuch khas nahin tha, our kuch scenes bohat unrealistic ho gaye.

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