Probably a no, coz the director of the movie Farhan...">
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Probably a no, coz the director of the movie Farhan Akhtar, the kind of movies he makes that appeals to the class audience more and no movie can do huge record breaking business(I'm assuming that D3 will do great business at BO) at boxoffice, which only appeals to a particular section of audience. To do huge business at boxoffice, it should appeal to the both section of audiences( e.g. D3, will have universal appeal) so they need to have a good script with universal appeal and great music(as the previous don movies didn't have great music) the moment, it'll have all these elements, I don't see any reason that, why it wouldn't score huge(really huge) at boxoffice, though can't say, it'll be a record breaker or not.

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200% sure. SRK's stardom more than Aamir. If movie content good and audience accept it then Don 3 will be big Hit worldwide.
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yes ,i think ) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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Yes,Any Doubt On That?

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