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Films : 52

Hits : 15

Semi Hits : 5

Averages : 10

Hit Ratio : 29%

Hit + Semi Hit Ratio : 39%

Success Ratio : 58%


Despite doing 50+ Films Dharam still had over 55% Success Ratio.Today Actor do 5 Films in 5 Years and boast of 100% Success Ratio.Their fans say that if some one has given Maximum Hits in a Decade its of ZERO RELEVANCE because Success Ratio is the ultimate.Foolish Scyophants.It requires lot of Sweat and Dedication to do Multiple Films in a Year and having Success Ratio of More Than 50% in a Decade despite doing over 50 Films is Humongous achivement.What are your views.

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On that time film was only way of entertainment......also priacy wasnt there!!! Not waiting for download, not for even tv premier....only go for thetre!!!

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Why Gadar broked all records despite piracy?
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Yr Grandfather Rockzz...Don't take it seriously just kiddng

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yr father will flop in future...........Don't take it seriously just kidding.

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