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Surprised to see Govinda in this action avatar.

in Opinion by All Time best! (258k points)
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What do u mean by itne bure din aa gaye hai.Bengali films have got twice the number of national awards in overall feature film category than hindi films or malayalam,baki to mention karne bhi layak nahi...The amount of critically acclaimed films bengal produces is more than any industry.If u talk abt locations and all,nearly every medium to big bengali film are shot overseas.
@Navo I know about Bengali cinema. but here i'm talking about Govinda.. in a Bengali movie! No offers from Bollywood, haan??
Aish did a bengali film in 2003 during her prime.Many others too.
But Chi Chi bhaiyaa is not in his prime!

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I'm a bengali,and though i dont watch as many bengali films or read abt it as much as hindi films,still i do tend to knw at least the major films.And i didnt even hear about this Govinda starrer bengali film.So i would say it Bombed badly.

by All Time best! (268k points)
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No idea......................Plus Govinda did good action films in 90's like Muqabla, Hathkadi and Khuddar.

by All Time best! (283k points)
This one is a 2013 Bengali film. It was heavily panned by the criticize calling the film ridiculous. Gracy Singh played an 18 year old college girl with two ponytails so obviously it was bound to get all the criticism. That's why I wanted to know the audience response to this film at the box office. If it was a hit then it would've made it to the news.

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