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It's just simple he's not one of them.He doesn't have a highest grosser of the year, not any solo BB, has many flops, many times actor likes, Saif gives much bigger opening than him, Saif has broken opening day record once too.Does that mean, should we consider Saif a superstar too.A superstar should be able to give earth shattering opening, like Khans, Hrithik do and Ranbir also started now, let's see how big will be OUATIMD's opening as Akshay is coming after 6 months. BTW Post 2000 - Srk has given 3 times record breaking opening, Hrithik has also done 3 times excluding K3G, Aamir and Salman both have done 3 times too and Akshay has done once but he has broken non holiday opening record also.Ajay has none of these, there's always a huge difference between opening of Ajay's movies and others, who are considered as superstars.BTW Ajay is a big star, but you can't consider every successful star as superstar, if that happens then there would be no stars, all are superstars and rest of them who would be left, will be called flopstars.

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LOL if Ajay is a superstar then Saif is also a superstar...At least Saif had a record breaking opening with Race(part 1),then a bumper opening with Love aaj kal,his highest opening Race 2 is wayy too higher than Ajay's......

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Only haters thinks so...Ajay deserves 2 be a superstar,& after Singham he became a superstar...he is 1 of the fvrte actor of Masses,as well as classes...his content movies always does good buiseness...today he is 1 of the best & biggest actor of bollywood,inspite of having an ordinary face (well Ajay fans used 2 say this,bt i think Ajay is quite handsome & i like the seriousness of his face).he shouldnt do films like Himmatwala,or work with directors like RGV (Aag) or Sajid..although he will lost his superstar tag.but i'm sure he will be as big as Akshay Kumar after Singham2!! Ajay definitely deserves a lot,& maybe more then Salman Khan!!

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