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In terms of acting, Aamir's a better one.He's a more consistent performer and more versatile actor than SRK. So yeah, It's Aamir.

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Srk for me he is best Actor at present his performance in Movies like Chakde India,My Name Is Khan,Devdas & Kal Ho Na Ho are best l have ever seen

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Aamir is anytime better & more versatile actor than Srk for sure

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Both r great actors..bt i think Srk is better bcoz his expressions r way better then Aamir

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Aamir is better actor than Srk ... But in some genres Srk is better than Aamir like romance.... Aamir is best in script selection..because of his right script selection some ppl think tht aamir is far better actor than all other superstars .... aamir act to impress... Srk act to express......
Aamir (Best work)
1 Ghajini
2 Lagaan
4 3 idiots

2 Swadesh
4 Darr

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how is 3 idiots in Aamir's best work lol...where are sarfarosh,raakh,earth,rangeela,ghulam etc
I dnt think Sarfarosh earth ghulam comes under aamir's best work....  it ws difficult for 45+ old man to play character of college student .. he did it with perfection...  yes you can add raakh...
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Shah Rukh Khan Is A Better Actor Than Aamir Khan...... SRK Is Best In All Genres- Romance, Comedy, Action, Drama, Sports, Sci-fi Etc.......

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Aamir khan..................................

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Aamir is million times better than SHK.....SHK has done well in some movies,in others he has tortured us with his overacting and hamming

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SRK is far better actor than overactor aamir....
SRK's performance in MNIK,Swades,CDI,KHNH,VZ,KANK,KHKN,Dil Se,Baazigar,Darr,Anjaam,DDLJ,Don 2(Pick only 1 performance)>>>Whole career of Aamir.

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