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My Prediction- Opening Day= 30 Crore, Opening Weekend= 72 Crore, First Week= 105 Crore, Lifetime= 150 Crore.....

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My prediction for the first day, if holiday, is 28-29 crore. 30 can be touched too. My prediction for weekend, is around 72-75 crore, can be more depending on WOM. For the first week, I don't think it will beat ETT because OUATIMD will take much collections from the 7th day, around 110 crore, more or less depending on the WOM. Lifetime, 150-155 crore. Depending on the WOM.

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1st day-23-27crores,If mixed WOM-1st weekend 70-75crores,If Good WOM-80-85crores

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