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Shahid Afridi
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Yuvraj on a spinning track is a better all-rounder as he's a good enough bowler in such conditions & far more superior than Afridi in batting as far as technique & consistency is concerned. Whereas Afridi is a better bowler than him(in any condition) but as a batsman, Yuvraj is far better than him.However Afridi is more of a bowler(far more reliable in bowling) than a batsman(not at all consistent) & Yuvraj is a great batsman and has limitations in bowling(as he can't bowl outside subcontinent), it's the reason, they can't be considered as full fledged all-rounders.You can say, Yuvraj is a batting all-rounder & Afridi is a bowling all-rounder, that too depends on condition, so there can't be any comparison between them, as one is a batsman & latter is a bowler. Once in a blue moon performance hardly changes anything. I would just say, Yuvraj is a better player.

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i think Shahid Afridi is a better all rounder but my vote goes to Yuvraj because he is far more consistent performer than Afridi but Afridi performs once in a blue moon and rest all days he is very inconsistent

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Lala rocks....Afridi is the king of cricket........................

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yes.....ek mera hai ek tera hoga

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