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Today we bring you some EXCLUSIVE fun facts from the film as we did in past since film went on floors.

There is a scene in film where Deepika is affected by a ghost and she starts behaving funny due to that. The scene is so hilarious that it will leave audience in split especially the whole quirkiness associated with it.

There is another scene where SRK's character Rahul faces Tangaballi played by Nikitin Dheer and Deepika's father Durgeshwara played by Sathyaraj. The comic timing of Shahrukh and whole dialogue exchange will be a treat for the fans.

If you are the one who loves Shahrukh in action mode then this is the film. Film involves some heart pumping action in 2nd half which is simply outstanding, be it hand to hand combat or stunts.

And yes last but not the least, what you see in promos are not even glimpse of comic and action loaded in film. These are small bits we got from the film

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waiting for CE's release.i think the film will be a fun ride in Rohit Ishtyle

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