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Hate him, hate him, hate him! I just hate him. He is a kid's wrestler, talks nonsense, tries to be smart, and, just hate him. There is nothing in his matches, no violence, no nothing. WWE is keeping him because he attracts audience, kids audience. And also, he never turns bad he turned bad was in 2003 or something around that, and then he did nothing. I like when wrestlers turn bad, he is not one of those.
RVD, I loved him when he was in WWE. I think he is very underrated. I am almost sure he only came to increase the hype of Money In The Bank, that can be told because he didn't won it. I mean really, a match where wrestlers like him should be winning, Randy Orton has won.

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did you see the ovation the crowd gave when RVD came,leave that,even when the match didnt start,the crowd were chanting RVD RVD,everybody loves him....in case of john,he gets boos and cheers,but those cheers are from kids,girls,gays etc.....it was so fantastic to see RVD five star frog splashing from the top of the ladder....
it will be rvd vs jerico on raw later on,raw just started...man i still remember rvd vs jericho from so many years ago
Of course, since the time he entered the ring, there were shuts of RVD. One of the best things about him, is his risks and flying jumps, also his signature. On raw, he won. I loved it the wat Jericho put him in his submission hold, I have forgotten the name of the move though. Sadly, Jericho said he has to leave to go on road with some fozzy, he might return later, might not.
And can you believe it! John chose Daniel Bryan as his opponent, I mean really! RVD, just returned, best opponent. I know it's scripted, but still.
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I Am A Fan Of John Cena..,... He Is One Of My Favourite Wrestler..... And I Am Very Happy That RVD Returned To WWE..... Watch 'Money In The Bank'......

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i already watched MITB twice,once monday and once again yesterday,only coz of rvd i started watching wwe again
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Among all WWE wrestlers I hate John Cena and Kane the most....!!
RVD is my 2nd fav after CM Punk...!!..I am glad he is back..

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