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Ow realy?
RA.ONE-HIT (1st 100cr film of SRK)
Don2-Hit (2nd 100cr film of SRK)
JTHJ-S.HIT (3rd 100cr film of SRK)
& Ce will be the 4th 100cr he is successful in every he dnt need 2 keep changing his genre of films..& btw only JTHJ was pure romantic film,yeah RNBDJ was also a romantic (rom-com) MNIK is a social drama more then a romantic film....
First of all, I loved MNIK, and it deserved more than Hit verdict for me. While, the real rival, Salman, is giving back to back Blockbusters, and he is only giving hits, no matter 100 crore grossers or not, that doesn't work out. Read my last sentence, in previous comment, I said 'GREAT' success, not only success.
Yes,bt if he is changing genre jst bcoz he isnt finding gr8 success,then he should move on 2 masala genre very earlier like all other actors of b' he is doing masala film now,& dat 2 when Rohit forced him 2 do!!
MNIK was romantic, he is known for romance, he wouldn't have thought masala has took over, Ra.One was different and him in a Superhero role was always great to see, so ageain he wouldn't have thought it's a risk, Don 2 had sequel advantage, good story, action, he wouldn't have thought it would not have great success or that it would be affected by Ra.One. JTHJ was a Yash-Chopra film, with Katrina and Anushka, how could he have thought it won't work that greatly.

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Yes Salman is a safe player he will not take any risk he will stick to nonsense masala Movies Srk has guts & confidence to try different things in every Movie

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