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Srk is in his best phase now because i dont even remember when he delivered his last flop.all his recent films are grossing more than 100crores even after so much of negativity around Srk & his films.but i just want to say that Srk films are definitely underperforming to its expectations because people are having high expectations to his films because he has been the most consistent superstar for the last more than 20years in delivering Hit films and also Srk is such a huge superstar and promotes his films so much that hype & buzz of each & every film of Stk touches sky high.this is also one of the reason that because of such huge expectations from his films anything below is not at all accepted by the audience and hence his films are successful yet called underperformed

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This is SRK's best phase...Some people say SRK's best phase was between 2000-2004,but at that time,he delivered 6 flops in lead role

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Bcoz his films r under-performing...a film of a superstar like him should gross 150cr consistently...thats why

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