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Notice: User Vectus has been unblocked now.

This post will be stuck on top for a while, after that you can find this post using the link given in the Menu bar. (Warned/Banned users) Mods are requested to update this post whenever an user is given a warning or is banned.

Currently Banned Users:


Unblocked Users:

1) PuneetShukla -- Unblocked
2) Jatinder -- Unblocked
3) Thekai100 -- Unblocked
4) GreekGod -- Unblocked
5) Playboy -- Unblocked
6) Vectus -- Unblocked

Permanently Banned Users:

1) Baazigar

asked in Warnings by Production Designer (14.8k points)
96% Accept Rate

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are invisible theek se nahi hua,pura home page me gadbad ho raha hai


Add those names here, don't worry, I am making it fine.


Invi Bhai code vagerah Daal raha hai kya...Home page me kuch gadbada raha hai


Okay I removed both, it's fine now, there's no featured posts on the top right now, ask zin when he will come, to add that rules page & this one on the top.


You just have to add the Url numbers there by separating them with commas, coding is already there. Don't know why it didn't work with me


It worked



@Navo...Mickey virus review ka kya hua..??


Invisible ko puch......usne uske jagah yeh wala daal diya..coding dala hua tha to isne kuch kiya


@invisible...mickey virus review question kidhar gaya..??


Anand, you can find that in Zin's profile, I thought three featured posts won't look good on main page, so I removed that from top. But soon we're gonna have to make some space for Krrish 3's review post.


Are invi ek k3 prediction ka dalna hai,i mean first day and weekend,many users said....use bhi chipka....nearest user to the actual will get 100 bonus


Make a post for that then.... & do comment on my recent activity, it'll be done.


not now,2mrw



Banned users

MAC (banned for 2 days - to be unblocked on 28 may, 2 pm)
KABIR NAYAK (banned for 2 days - to be unblocked on 28 may, 2pm)

please someone edit it as i can't as im on mobile
@Tb..I have updated it..!!
@Invi.... I Think that all the warnings are lifted as new rules are formed.
So all the names from blocked users and warned users should be removed.
And as Burnout and Imran are warned and blocked for 4 hours... Let their name remain .
@pallav burnout ko 12:15 pe ban kiya tha and imraan ko 12:45 pe 4 hours ke liye
Ok....So you edit it accordingly.
Or I Did it... One and the same thing.
bhai 4 hours hai to  4:15 and 4:45 hona chahiye

main edit to kar doon but mai mobile pe hoon and mobile se maine edit kiya to pura kachra ho jaayega  
Bhai Jaldi Mein Hun..
4.15 hone Wale hai... Bp ko Unban kar dena.
@Pallav, G.One's warning won't be lifted and I've updated the names of users, who are on last warning as well. You guys can remove all the names which were blocked except those who were blocked today.

5 Answers

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Best answer

Please make sure that this thread always remains featured on the homepage.

answered by Assistant Director (47.7k points)
edited by
Every user's warning should be lessened 1 from 1st january.any mod told that.so plz take step.
Wait! I'll make a post tonight with the updated list and few more things.
Anand updated it
+3 votes

thanks bhai log...... please a request ap log please make some provision so that the person gets notification as to when he will be unblocked or so.. ??

answered by Production Accountant (20.2k points)
+1 vote

whhooooo nice list.... interesting. ... !!!

answered by Executive Producer (64.3k points)
+1 vote

Why were G One and Sammy banned? Please unban them.

answered by Director (140k points)
0 votes

Hamare Jatinder Bhaisaab ko kyun block kar rahe ho baar baar.

answered by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

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