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before YJHD,it looked like Krrish3 & D3 can cross 200crores only with a good WOM but now if both of them cant cross 200crores with a mixed WOM,then it will definitely a big dissappointment

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After YJHD reached 180 crores then if Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 doesnt cross 200 crores then it willl be disappointment!

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When a movie like YJHD doing 180cr at boxoffice, then K3 & D3 should definitely cross 200cr, as these movies have more buzz, universal appealing genre, more big stars & favourable release dates.So yeah, both movie should cross 200cr but if they don't then yeah, it would be a disappointment, though how big that would be, will depend on their lifetime collections.

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I think only negative Wom can stop these Movie's from reaching 200cr in India otherwise it will be a cakewalk to reach 200cr

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