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I was just seeing the runs after some time, not seeing the match.

Man, Shahid Afridi rocked! I didn't even thought Pakistan would make 100 runs.
Now it's a guarantee Pakistan win, as West Indies has 7 outs in 51 runs only, West Indies players are not being much able to play the ball now. The balling is Superb from Pakistan's side. This is a great from Afridi.

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7 wicket from Afridi! LOL! This is a reply to those who took him out of the team for not-good performance, lol! Because of his, mostly, West Indies, who everyone would have thought would have an easy win in the match when the match started, didn't even cross 98 crore. All out at 98!
Sadly he didn't have even a single hattrick, but still, 7 wickets in his returning match, is Superb.
Are afridi ke liye maine kitni baar odi's and the few tests he played,only to see him getting out cheaply many times......kya khela hai yaar......7 for 12 and 76......big tight slap on pakistani selectors
lol! Love him. Pakistani selectors have to be changed. Doing this in a returning match is awesome.

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no i never expected this much run.i knew that if Afridi remained on crease Pakistan will get at the most to 150-175 runs but getting 224 runs was not in my mind at any time.thats why i call Afridi unpredictable Tsunami because he maximum times get out before reaching even his half century but on his day he bats like Tsunami & destroys the opposite team completely

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Afridi is very unpredictable. He can be out on the first ball, without making runs and sometimes he becomes a hell of a tension for the opposite team.
yes you r absolutely right

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