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  1. January Jinx
  2. The movie's trailer didn't give the feeling of anything exceptional. Plus the trailer gave a feeling of movie being a serious one, more action-drama & lesser light hearted elements, that variation was missing in the trailer.
  3. The music too was released late & within a month it was too tough to gather any steam as it didn't had much time to create the impact. The songs weren't bad or below average, if it had time to reach the audience, like other chartbusters by getting more space in the discotheques, DJ nights, the impact would've been higher & the reach wider.

The film got good opening but record breaking was what expected from it which didn't happen due to the above three reasons.

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Because CE was a black dot on a masala movie. You can see fall of great masala movies due to CE.

E.g. Boss, RRajkumar and Jai Ho.

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ce was way bigger entertainer nd fresh movie dan likes of boss,rr nd jai ho...u r saying like dis cuz of ur pure masala lover u like a2,d3,rr nd jai ho which shows ur taste...
All Masala movies are craps infront of Main Hoon Na...Agree?
ce wom was good so we can say that people did not think it as a bad film

if ce is black spot than what are himatwala, besharam, r rajkumar
r rajkumar is not a great masala it is one of the worst

bad trailler, songs, repeat genre, excess of bad masala hurt jai ho not ce
@sehgal you are the same guy who liked that shitty film aashiqui 2 and consider ARK better actor

and also you consider arijit singh better than mohit chauhan and like that faltu yo yo funny singh songs you have the worst taste dude consult a doctor and have a checkup
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Its bcz of the hype which was too low..almst not Salman's standard. People was waiting for Mental, they wasnt prepare for a Salman starrer wid a boring patriotic name Jai Ho! They thought it will be boring nd the trailer made them more sure abt it!! it was just action nd action nd oh god, phirse nhi..this was the reaction of audiences. Music failed to impress them too..ovrall Jai Ho did a good job in boxoffice..wid such cool prblms

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Really liked ur ans seems true. . Waitin for Suhas ans
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1 -January is n't a favourable month from Box Office point of view..!!
2-Repeated Masala films one after another..people are bored with such stuf over and over again.
3-They missed key ingredients from the original film..which would have helped in getting a better WOM.

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1-Non Holiday Nd January Release..Students busy in their exam preparation
2-Fading of Masala Genre
3-Low Production value
4-Salman's pairing wid daisy shah was aborted by everyone
5-Avg Music

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People were not interested to watch it as trailer wasnt exciting and music was also avg.

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Because its trailer is not up to mark and music is big let down for the film

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People were disappointed with ek tha tiger and dabangg2 and again they didn't want to see cars blasting ,goons flying in the air after salmans punch .

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I Don't Think, ETT Disappointed Audiences . Even I Think, For Audience ETT Is Best Salman Film In This Decade .
For salman's audience best films according to them are wanted ,dabang..

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