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First Day(Non-Holiday)= 21 Cr, Second Day(Eid Holiday)= 26 Cr, Third Day(Non-Holiday)= 17 Cr, Fourth Day(Holiday)= 21 Cr.... Total Weekend Collection= 85 Crore.....

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Considering that YJHD did around 75 cr in its first 4 days with one holiday,so i think CE will do around 7-8 cr more than YJHD,plus CE also has an extra holiday in its 4 days compared to YJHD,and will also be a bigger release.....
FIrst Day-20.5cr
2nd day-26.5cr
4th day-18.5

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Yes, a great prediction. I was quite confused that how will CE cross 80 crore, even though YJHD did 75 crore on the first 4 days, so I said 77 crore.

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