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I think Ranbir can do it, or Salman Khan.

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Navo hide my answer.so my answer was-
Sorry there is no record exist like this.i think SRK will create this record.

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There's a chance, Anyone between Salman & Aamir can do that within next 1.5 yr, as they have some potential huge BB's coming. In coming years, Hrithik and Ranbir, they can also do that 3-4 years down the line.But whoever does that, the second one should be really huge than the previous one or else, it won't get an ATBB verdict at boxoffice.

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Thanks sir for reshowing it...
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SRK Will Give 2 Back To Back ATBB With Happy New Year And Don 3......

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It is not confirmed if Don 3 will his first release after HNY.
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Ranbir surely has the capability to do it! But will take some time!

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At present only salman khan can achieve this.....................................................

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Salman khan will repeat the history after prfctionist amir khan sir Inshallah this will bound to hapn wd kick and PRDP and kabir khan movie nxt year

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Aamir has no record.Ghajini is blockbuster according To BOI.
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Sorry but there is no record exist like this.i think SRK will create this record.

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