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Im a die hard fan of Real Madrid! A true Madrista! I watch all the matches of Madrid, believe me all of em! My parents never allow me to watch in tv but I watch all the matches through online streaming! From the very 1st match against valencia last season till Atletico Madrid, I have seen every single matches! I love madrid's game - there culture and mourinho but hes gone now and now I expect Ancelloti to do good.... Im an Arsenal fan too - I feel that Arsenal/Gunners are the most stylish football clubs - i love em too but if had to pick one then - Real Madrid! HALA MADRID!

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I Am A Fan Of Football, But Not A Die-Hard Fan.... My Favourite Team Is Real Madrid And Chelsea.....

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i was asking abt die hard fans.....there are many football fans who will watch at most 10 matches of their fav clubs,they will only watch when their fav club is playing against some big team but wont watch when its against smaller teams
I watch most matches of Real madrid and Chelsea..... Small team or big team doesn't matter for me....
ok that's good......but if you watch most matches,then why arent you a die hard fan
I am only a die-hard fan of International team Brazil,....
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