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Gadar was a good movie..... But, there is nothing special in it to become an ATBB..... It's footfall was 4.07 Crore which is still unbeaten..... Lagaan was a better movie than Gadar....

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100%.it had historical run in theatres in B & C Centres.According to Box Office India, around 40 million tickets of Gadar were sold during its theatrical run while other high grossing films like 3 Idiots and Dabangg sold around 25 million tickets each.The film had grossed Rs. 75 lakh nett in Delhi/UP in its 10th week, which was higher than any second week nett gross at that time.It was the highest grossing movie of that year as well as that decade. This was mainly due to the unparalleled business it gathered from B and C centres across India.so Gadar had everything which it needed to be declared as an ATBB

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