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Among these movie series below select one you found better or you love the most!

Hary Potter (2 votes, 22%)
The Lord of the Rings (0 votes)
Star Wars (0 votes)
PIrates of the Carribean (0 votes)
James Bond (0 votes)
The Godfather (0 votes)
Spiderman (1 vote, 11%)
The Matrix (1 vote, 11%)
Jurassic Park (0 votes)
The Twilight saga (0 votes)
X-men (0 votes)
Toy Story (1 vote, 11%)
Dark Knight (4 votes, 44%)
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Nolan's Batman series, Toy Story series, Harry Potter series, The Godfather.

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I Have Voted For Dark Knight Series As Dark Knight Rises Was My All Time Favourite....

In Rank-

1.Dark Knight
2.Harry Potter
3.James Bond
4.The Godfather
5.The Twilight Saga
6.Jurassic Park
7.Toy Story
8.The Lord Of The Rings (As It Was Confusing)
9.Star Wars
10.The Matrix
13.Pirates Of Carribien

[But My Favourite Series Is Men In Black,You Could Have Include Men In Black & Bad Boyz]

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POC is my least fav too!
The problem with Harry Potter and LOTR type films is that without the books, they are to be understood.
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Hary Potter And Final Destination......

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Dark Knight series for me though out of your list i have not watched The Godfather series

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I love Spider-Man Movies so i have voted for Spider-Man

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