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asked in Predictions by Director (130k points)
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bro i wouldnt take hype into consideration because it is hrithik roshan starrer.. so

i wil just say about its potential as a movie

with clash - minimum 170 crores maximum 210 crores
without clash - minimum 190 crores maximum 230 crores

answered by Production Accountant (20.2k points)
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Dhoom2 hype and excitement was higher then Bang bang. so bang bang will collect 175cr with same wom as Dhoom2.

answered by Director (132k points)
Ok lets see
Karan is in Burning condition.
even after teaser i will stick to my prediction...
And You will predict HNY collection 250 crore. Pick up some knowledge pls.
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225 crores.....................

answered by All Time best! (283k points)
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If Dhoom 2 type hype before release..which looks possible..as the script has lots of scope of style(which is the USB of Hrithik) and also stunts....
And after release if it gets WOM like Dhoom 2 it will surely cross 210 cr..!!

answered by Star (150k points)
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200cr depend upon how it sustain after holiday

answered by Production Designer (12.8k points)
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Its almost impossible to get D2 wom. Although get 190cr!

answered by Editor (88.2k points)
Why its impossible?
considering Day & Night and bollywood remake!
When it will be close to release then atleast 70 % audience wont be aware of these things...
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With That wom I am hoping for a 250 crore + and If it gets solo release with Bigger screen count the D3 record can be broken.

answered by Executive Producer (69.2k points)
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answered by Assistant Director (53.4k points)
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B B 's Wom is like d-2 than it will collect around 200 crores, becouse of lot of holidays in first week.

answered by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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without clash 225 cr +

with clash 180 cr

answered by Location Scout (3.4k points)
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With dhoom 2 hype and wom it can cross 200 cr easily.

answered by Camera Operator (10k points)