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I don't believe these kinds of things will happen in real life.....

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Yeah, I have watched that movie. Great movie, loved James Franco's performance in it & the direction was also great by Danny Boyle. Yeah, it has happened to the real life canyoneer Aron Ralston & he spent 5 days with his trapped right arm against a boulder in a slot canyon, at first he tried to break that one but he didn't have enough tools & he was unsuccessful to do so, then in order to escape from there, he decided to perform amputation on his trapped arm & he did so. On the 5th day he climbed out from that slot canyon one handed and then he encountered a family, who helped him by informing to the authorities, then he was rescued. What a survival story!

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Yeah I have seen that nd that too in 1080 p, and I must say it was a fantastic movie. Franco has done a fab job and coming to your second question, yes it is a real life incident happened at grand canyon. The movie portrays a mans courage and gives people inspiration to take right decisions!

There is a show in Discovery channel there is a show called - survivors and many opther shows which reconstructs real incidents like this. It is a great movie an must watch and is 100% true and in the credit rolls the real persons photo is also shown.

Another fab factor in 127 hours is its sound track, given by none other than our mastro - AR Rahman!

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Its hard to believe that its a real story...How did he gather the courage to cut his own arm(or was it leg i dont remember nicely)

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