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Srk - 250cr
Salman - 245cr
Aamir - 180cr

6 Answers

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I don't think so. The buzz has reached it's peak already so it wouldn't have been same with other 2 Khans too. May be with Salman around the publicity would be like he's doing a film after his break up & also doing a film with his ex's husband. Media picks these stuffs very quick. But like I said even with all this it would've got the same buzz as of Aamir. Same with Srk too. The only difference would be that Aamir is getting this buzz without being part of the promotions while Srk would've taken the promotions to the very extreme & Salman wouldn't do promotions the way Srk does, to be honest he would get bored & tired, might directly say that he doesn't want to. Truth is with or without promotions, Dhoom 3 with any of the 3 Khans would've achieved the same buzz.

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Even if John would have been there........same buzz would created the way aamir is in the movie! DHOOM is itself a big brand so no actor makes buzz itself coming again is making buzz! Abhi bhi challenge deh deta hu agar aamir promotions meh naa ae toh movie 200cr krke dikae.......naam badal dunga!!! This brand needs promotion with every actor! Yeh koi imaginery world meh hi hoga ki aamir promotion meh part na le aur movie same buzz collection kregi jo SRK aur Salman promote krke kmaenge!


Well when the film was first made it got itself only a hit status. Dhoom 2 had Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai in it, that's why it's buzz reached the peak. The association of Aamir Khan with Dhoom 3 has resulted in this buzz. Tomorrow if Dhoom 4 is made with Ranvir Singh & Sushant Singh, the movie will not create big buzz. Dhoom is a brand but not big enough to create this much buzz & it need big superstars like Aamir or Hrithik to achieve that status. Krrish is a brand now, imagine Viveik Oberoi playing the Krrish, will it ever create any buzz at all?

That's where the big superstars comes in, people know about Dhoom but they're excited because of the superstars. Dhoom has become such a big franchise since D2 that people associate with it only if it stars superstars like Khans or Roshan or even Ranbir Kapoor. If the makers come down that ladder & cast some other star, people will not "even care" for that film.

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Srk - 250cr
Salman - 245cr
Aamir - 180cr

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Aamir made 100cr in 2008 without fan following..Srk and Sallu struggled for years!.....

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)

Yeah that's ryt kashyap.

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Well with some masala mix actor Dhoom 3 earn well or may be on record level in single screens but nowadays it's more important to collect from multiplex, where Aamir sir is undisputed king....
That's why even with least WOM in dhoom franchise it's collection be in India, overseas was on records level...

by Director (129k points)
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Dhoom3 or for that matter make dhoom4 with srk or salman, first day se le kar weekend se le kar lifetime aur overseas ke naye record ban jaayenge.
Srk is bigger in overseas, means even more collections there, put any khan in a dhoom film, dhamaka hi hoga.

by Star (140k points)
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you put aamir khan in anything ......and i mean absolutely anything...........and the potential diminishes a great great deal .......... because .... always....... his movie's single screens collection have remain really really low as compared to the product....

if a star was cast in recent aamir khan movies..... instead of aamir khan.... movie's potential rises a great deal... because single screen audience would also come in hordes.

as an industry veteran by the name of vinod chopra ......states .....

"even if there was a hrithik roshan in dangal it still would have done the same amount of business"

and hrithik roshan is a dying breed of a star as we all know.

so that means.....the real potential of dangal...has been wasted only because there was no star in it.

by Star (153k points) 1 flag