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I have not included Bolwers in this only Batsman & All-Rounders

Chris Gayle (6 votes, 67%)
Kevin Peterson (0 votes)
Yuvraj Singh (0 votes)
Michal Hussey (0 votes)
Shane Watson (0 votes)
AB Devilliers (0 votes)
Suresh Raina (1 vote, 11%)
Virat Kohli (0 votes)
Ravindra Jadeja (0 votes)
Shahid Afridi (1 vote, 11%)
Kieron Pollard (0 votes)
Dilshan (0 votes)
Brendon Mcclum (0 votes)
MS Dhoni (0 votes)
None of them (1 vote, 11%)
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Chris Gayle for sure.he makes T-20 tournament really look like T-20 game and bats like he is seeing the cricket ball as a football.Lol....

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Chris Gayle of courze!! he is the best when it comes to T20 format...bt still i voted for Raina as he is my fvrte & also best T20 player of India & 1 of the best in worldwide!!

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Christopher Henry Gayle is the best T20 batsman/player ATM.

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Gayle is the best,but i voted for my fav Shahid Afridi

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