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Coming to Lara, he was the best left handed batsman technically and one of the all time best technically IMO. But dude where are his performances, ODI is cricket too and Sachin's a clearly better ODI player than him, a better striker and he has better avg than him. Lara is a better test batsman than Sachin but Sachin's a much better odi batsman than the former. So overall, It makes Sachin a better one.

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by god i dont mean that fictional character which doesnt exist...like i say Aamir is god,by that i mean Aamir is legendary,you know what i mean....the ultimate
Indians are OTT people, personally, i don't even like to use these kinda of words like god, king, most beautiful or even greatest for anyone.Coming to ur question, I would just say, he's better than his contemporaries, as a complete batsman.
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because Sachin really is the God of cricket.Brian Lara is more classy agreed but to hell with class.Sachin & only Sachin has made cricket so much popular with his batting style and that no other cricketer should even be compared with him.he is just next after Don Bradman and this is not my assumption-this has been many times published in many magazines and all of the worlds greatest cricket ever also have believed in this.so Sachin is the God of cricket-only a fool will deny this fact or who are searching class in even a game of cricket

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Actualy he is called god only by Indians....he is nt better then Brian Lara,bt his records r better then Lara....& he is consistent!!
itz like Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma...Rohit is more classier & talented then Virat,bt Virat is more consistent!!

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Records are a different thing dude...Lara played for a third rate team then,used to be the lone player many times,and Sachin has also got the flat indian pitches in half of the matches(home matches)
Kolu nai Lara was better.....
@criminal, don't take his words, Lara was better than him but only in test, as a complete batsman, Sachin was a better one as he's as good as anything in every format(not talking about t20 here).Lara was a better test batsman but he wasn't a great odi batsman, among sachin's contemporaries, only Ponting, who was a great player of every format but he didn't have had a long lasting peak. Lara was not a great striker of the ball in limited over cricket, whereas Sachin was one of the best striker in 90s, which was his peak. He slowed down later though but still he was better among greats. @Navo, don't talk about flat track and green grass here...till 2011, sachin was great in everywhere, go & check his overseas records, which is as good as his domestic one and even better in some country like Australia.One doesn't have to be more classier to be a better one.If thats the thing than Dravid is more classy than anyone from this era, as far as his technique is concerned, does that make him a better one than these two, no... a better one should have a great technique, which all have(dravid,sachin and lara) should be a better striker, sachin's a better one in this aspect, should be good in every format, and certainly sachin was. All these things makes sachin a better one than lara.i wouldn't have said these things if it was about last decade, but having seen many highlights of 90s, i can certainly say, sachin is better than his contemporaries as a complete batsman, though lara a better one in test and viv richards of 80s, was the best odi batsman of all time.

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