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I don't think they are needed very much. It depends on which type of scenes they are, I mean some like in Shootout at Wadala are bad and I don't like them, while some like in Murder 2, man they were hot, I nothing short that love them. Hot girls are needed. But I would rather go with passionate kisses and then all my imagination.

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Its not about whether its needed or not, and I dont care about these things nowadays as these things are not much to think for. However, there must be a limit for all these scenes. Sex and inimate scenes are ok to some extent.
I do enjoy these intimate scenes just like every other person, but I like it when they keep the scenes to a limit! With limit I mean "S3x under bedsheet shit!" - If they start showing complete nudity - Iam up for it for sure! ;) :p

"Script demands intimacy".! Mind it! ;) :p

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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Well i would have enjoyed it if the female's "MAIN PARTS" were shown,which doesnt watching those scenes isnt something i enjoy because i get bored.....If they show it full,then i would have enjoyed them

by All Time best! (268k points)
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If thats started happen then Bollywood films would become blue films!!
Well they can be passed with a different certificate......Like in US,you have the rated R certificate
+2 votes

Nt at all...these scenes should be only in adult films like Jism or nasha or sixteen..itz jst spoiles the film...jst as shootout at wadala...& nw kids cnt watch a film like BMB only for adult scenes...ITZ DISGUSTING!!

by Director (136k points)