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It's not possible to say, who's the greatest of all time, when there were players like Don Bradman, Gary Sobers & Graeme Pollock, all were of different era and people from those era consider them all time best/ greatest.Coming to Sachin, Yeah he's the best batsman, who came after of 70s IMO.Have seen the likes of Gavaskar,Border & Chappell in highlights, who were the best batsman of 70s & 80s, Sachin is a better player than them technically, statistically and in striking too.Among his contemporaries, there were greats like Brian Lara, Ricky Ponting & Jacques Kallis, who are also considered as good as Sachin(It's a general perception) and even better than him acc. to some of them(Those who consider them better than Sachin, they don't really know much about cricket) But yeah there can be some argument made over that, who's a better test player, and there's a Lara, Kallis and Ponting(he was as good as anyone in his peak but he didn't have a long lasting one), these guys will give Sachin a hard fight for sure, if you consider who's better as a test batsman.IMO Lara is a better one in test cricket than these guys including Sachin.But what makes Sachin a better batsman than these guys is, he's a great player, both in test and odi.None of them, among his contemporaries were better or even as good as him in limited over cricket, stats don't lie man, just go and check it, Sachin's a better striker than these guys, in odi career only Kallis among these, has slightly better avg. than Sachin but Kallis doesn't have a good strike rate.I consider Lara a better test batsman, though not seen much of him, but yeah having seen him in highlights of those great innings, I can certainly say he's the best test batsman of modern era, Sachin comes close to him, but he wasn't a great odi batsman though he was good but certainly he wasn't a odi great.So if you take all these things into consideration than Sachin's a clearly better batsman than his contemporaries.Those who have doubts, go & watch the highlights of 90s of Sachin's innings, he was certainly a more attacking one throughout his career and don't even talk about 90s, he was hell good, technically better than anyone in those period and he was a better striker than them, even in last decade, he was great and showed a great consistency throughout his career.All these things makes him a better one, So I would say he's the best batsman of modern day cricket but yeah, I don't consider him all time greatest batsman but certainly he's one of them.

by Production Designer (14.9k points)
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I hv never seen Don Breadman,so of courze Sachin for me!!

by Director (136k points)
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The Strike Rate Of SIR Don Bradman Is Higher Than Sachin..... His Strike Rate Is 99.94%.... But, Still Sachin Is Best.... Sachin Is The Highest Run Scorrer In Both ODI And Test, He Has Maximum Century, Maximum Half Century, First Batsman To Score 200 Runs In ODI.... Also, Sachin Is The Only Cricketer In The World Who Scorred 100 Centuries In International Cricket..... That's Why, He Is Called As 'GOD' Of Cricket.....

by Unit Manager (39.3k points)
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I'm not that fond of Cricket but to be frank, as Navo said - Brian Lara!

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
kohli? i dont like sachin that much either,but comparing him to kohli is a big lol moment
DUDE I KNOW! I have no Idea about cricket! #Editing now
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Sachin is highly overrated........Brian Lara is the greatest cricketer i have seen......But indians overrate him way too much...Waiting for some sachinian to show his records now lol

by All Time best! (268k points)
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@sanjiv-tu bhi le neg vote ke sath flag apne question pe.....mai udhaar nahi rakhta
@navo-tu jaake medical checkup kara.your mental condition is not stable.
@sanjiv-tu apne baki blind indians ko leke ja haha.....
bhai jo galat hai usko sahi karte hain,jo sahi hai wo to hanesha sahi hi rahta hai aur tu saare indians ko galat batakar apne aap ko sahi nahi bata
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Yes definitely he is greatest player of all-time his records itself tells it

by Production Accountant (27.8k points)

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