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They Are Very Strong Side..... But, They Always Fail In Big Tournaments Like World Cup, Champions Trophy Etc.....

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Yes i think it is under-rated and the only reason i find is that even being such a strong side,they have not been able to perform very well in big matches & tournaments.but that doesnt make SA a team with less talent.on its day SA can beat any team

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Yes South Africa is under-rated, but not that much as they are recognized as one of the top cricket side in d world.

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Yes the are underrated they are one of the best team in World but they have always failed when it comes ICC Tournaments they haven't won any Worldcup yet infact they haven't won any Knockout games of Worldcup

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Yes they were,& maybe now also bt nt like 4-5 years back...now they r known as a strong bowling & fielding unit

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