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Which is the best football club according to you?

For me its Real Madrid and Arsenal but If I have to choose one then it will be Real Madrid!

Arsenal (2 votes, 29%)
Manchester United (0 votes)
Manchester City (0 votes)
Chelsea (2 votes, 29%)
Real Madrid (1 vote, 14%)
FC Barcelona (2 votes, 29%)
Bayern Munich (0 votes)
Borussia Dortmund (0 votes)
Paris-Saint Germain (0 votes)
Juventus (0 votes)
Inter Milan (0 votes)
AC Milan (0 votes)
Liverpool (0 votes)
Napoli (0 votes)
Spurs (0 votes)
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Yeah PSG has a fab fan base in India compared to LYon!
yeah suddenly there are fans of man city,psg....i hate gloryhunters
City cum scumbags cum moneybags cum shitty ;) :p
i like man city because they are man utd's rivals,and i was so thrilled when aguero scored that last min goal against qpr due to which utd lost the title lol....

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Best answer

My Favourite Team Is Chelsea And Real Madrid......

by Unit Manager (39.3k points)
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by All Time best! (268k points)
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Seriously man.....i have seen arsenal winning the EPL twice,the unbeaten one and the one 2 yrs before that.....but in the first one,i was still developing from a fan to a die hard fan since it was only 1-2 yrs i started taking epl seriously, so the emotions were less,but i was a diehard fan during that phase when the whole unbeaten season happnd,and was one proud and happy 16 yr old teenager....sad no trophies for 8 yrs i am 25,hope to see them win one premier league title before i am 30
There is a chance this year, Arsenal must step-it-up this year! Let see, who they bring in before this transfer window. I hope Fellaini to sign for gunners ASAP!
i knw wenger will again not sign any big name....he will bring a few more kids and some shit players from africa playing in the french league or somwhere,or some more french from the french league or some overrated player from somewhere or someone who is just plain shit like squillaci
i am waiting for wenger when he says diaby or someone who recovers from an injury is like a new signing.....since david dean has gone,wenger has lost the plot of how to sign players
+3 votes

My fav are Arsenal and FC Barcelona....!!...picking one I would choose Arsenal..I am so happy they are top of the table this year..!!

by Star (151k points)
I also like Liverpool and real Madrid..!!

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