I think you're saying, why big south indian movies don't...">
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Why don't South Indian blockbusters do well in Hindi market? - when the latter performs very well at the fromer market!
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Are you talking about the remakes,which seem to be doing quite well in most cases.And check your PM.
@John, I've sent you one too.
No am not talking about Remakes, but the actual Tamil Movies!

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I think you're saying, why big south indian movies don't perform well in Hindi belt & other parts of India,whereas hindi movies do great business down south.Well the reason is Bollywood is still a star driven industry & our hindi film actors(superstars) are very much popular all over India even in down south though less in Kerala & TN. There's a big audience out there for bollywood movies all over India, so hindi movies do great business all over india.But South Indian actors(superstars) ain't that popular in other parts of India and there's language barrier too, though from last few years, people are aware of some south indian actors mainly coz of their dubbed movies which are being telecasted on some hindi movie channels but that's not enough.BTW It's same for all film industries in India, Tamil films (which are dubbed in telugu) don't perfrom well in AP & vice- versa.So you can say, all Indian film industries are star driven.

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Man invisible,i will need to write much more stuff lol,coz everytime i write an answer,you seem to write it in a better way.
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If you are talking about the south indian movies in their original version,then well,due to language problem,its market is restricted to South India.Most of those movies are nowadays released in their dubbed version in few small centres,mainly in the b and c class single screens and the interiors,much later after the release of their original south versions.This is done mainly because according to law,you cannot have a tv premiere(we see nowadays the influx of south indian movies on tv so much) unless you have a theatrical release.So because these dubbed versions are released in a few centres where the ticket prices are very low with not so great occupancy,they don't do that well in Hindi market.
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South indian (telugu/tamil) block buster don't do well in hindi belts because.

1.LANGUAGE barrier.-hindi is penetrated into non hindi belts as national language but south languages can't.


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