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My Favourite Wrestlers Are John Cena, Triple H And Randy Orton.....

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Triple H when he was a bad guy, Randy when he was a bad guy, Batista, Undertaker, Brock, Rock and the most perhaps, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that is the bottom line because Filman said so! Hell Yeah!
Totally! ;)

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My fvrte wrestles r John Cena,Rock,RKO & Rey Mysterio

by Director (135k points)
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I used to watch WWE, then eventually I lost the love fr it, due to the scripted nature, but I used to love Undertaker and Brett Hart! ;)

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
@jinson-dude one thing struck my mind,you said you are 19,then how did you watch bret hart,coz he was there till the late 90's...or are you talking about matches you might have seen later on in internet etc
Dude, when I started watching WWF from 1st class believe me! I used to buy WWF playing cards and Brett Hart card used to have that Ace symbol on it  and it has always helped me to win against many shitheads!! Then after I started admiring him and I always thought that Brett is Shawn Michaels and  then after when I got some sense , I understood Brett is brett then I started watching videos of his fights from many WWE ******* archives! I just love him!
Navo, I wish he stays too, but I don't think so, because even Brock, or Nash, who came didn't stayed to go for the top spot or anything.
yeah i knw brock came in between,i told you na i left watching wwe 5 years back,only sometimes used to watch it in these years,didnt know kevin nash also came....just loved that guy....but i knw how wwe would have treated them,may have just turned them into a joke....@jinson-lol wwf cards,i had them too.......
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Watched WWF,then WWE for 12-13 years,then left watching it 5 years ago when it became suitable only for kids and girls.......I feel for those who may have started watching it 5-6 years back,coz they havent experienced what real wwe is about(it was even better when it was wwf)

by All Time best! (268k points)
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I remember all the blood, all the violence, the real Undertaker, the stunners, rock bottoms and much more to Vince, the use of chairs, the stronger Kane, the bad guy winning almost every time, the bad Triple H, and now, just John Cena and other idiots who once used to be sidekick or only for laughs winning championships.
Seriously man.....i hated john cena ever since that kid came to wwe in those girly trunks against kurt angle,i think it was green but who there was so much pagalpan when it was wwf,it lessened a bit when it became wwe but still it was very good till around 2005,after that it became shittier and shittier,and i started watching wwe only for RVD,and then he left wwe and i also left watching it.....just see how they spoiled that giant khali,making him a loverboy wtf man....even kane was made so soft wtf man.....though after rvd left wwe i have watched wwe very very rarely......i hope they dont make a joke out of rvd,but i think they will do just that,because wwe is in pg era,suitable only for kids and girls
I know, Khali who used to give great competition to Undertaker, was made to submit by Dolph Ziggler. I even liked Batista really, but when he turned bad, I personally liked that he turned bad, but he was shown as very weak and had an insulting quit. Kane, when came, was so good and really used to make me more excited when his entrance used to come, he was later defeated every time, made him look like nothing. I wish Goldberg could have stayed longer, I loved him.
Goldberg was awesome,only came for a small time...there was one more guy nathan jones,though not as awesome as goldberg,but was good,he was tag team partner in one wrestlemania with undertaker.....he was also there for a short time
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The Rock & Brock Lesnar..................

by Production Accountant (27.8k points)

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